The Next Generation Search Engine
Sep 6 2011 13:24
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Sell Health
Sep 5 2011 23:34
Downline Referral ProgramEarn 5% Commissions On Sales Made By YOUR Subaffiliates!Here's an EASY way to increase your monthly commission income: Promote the affiliate program to other website owners like yourself; business owners and affiliates who cater to audiences with potential interest in our network of health products. For every NEW affiliate you refer to our program, you'll earn an additional 5% commission on all of THEIR referred sales.(And they still earn FULL commissions as you do, i.e. the 5% is NOT deducted from their commissions!)  That's right...Just persuade others to sign up as affiliates (not a hard sell given our generous commission structure and large selection of best-selling health products), and you could be making a significant income off THEIR promotional efforts, with no extra work on your part!  Just like any other product, simply promote our Subaffiliate Program using the links and marketing collateral provided below. People who click on your link and sign up for the program are automatically recorded as one of YOUR subaffiliates. And you are instantly credited 5% commission off ANY sale they refer.  

Dropship Business Opportunity
Sep 5 2011 22:53
   Great Gifts Ideas and    Business Opportunity!!              Here is how much money you can make as an affiliate! Most affiliate programs will only pay you 10% per sale and that's it! Our affiliate program will pay you commissions as high as $84.99 per sale! Here are the commissions you will be making for each dropship plan that you sell. You will receive your commissions directly into your paypal account! No waiting for any cheques in the mail and no need to go to your bank to deposit any cheques! You will make $84.99 for each Dropship Combo Plan that you sell You will make $62.99 for each Dropship Feed plan that you sell You will make $49.99 for each Dropship Website Plan that you sell You will make $39.99 for each Dropship Auction Plan that you sell You will make $14.99 for each Dropship Basic Plan that you sell   

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