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Otoabasi Umonting
London, United Kingdom
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To Steer people on the right path; to help people focus more on positive thoughts, actions and words; to assist people on self improvement; to coach newbies who are serious about making a mark in the industry of Internet/Network Marketing

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Dec 13 2011 06:05

My mission is to get people to think positively regardless of what's working right now or what's not; because it is a well known fact that negative thoughts have a stronger influence on most people than positive ones.

By that I mean - people easily get overwhelmed by the negative words they hear than the encouraging and positive words. Stay focused, stay positive and always take action, no matter what.

I also focus on delivering basic internet marketing strategies, simple enough for anyone to carry out, even if they're new to the online marketing business world. Getting bombarded with too much technical stuff will only increase ones level of confusion rather than help them progress. People often feel learning the basics is a waste of time, but smart people know that it pays to start that way and steadily climb to the top.