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To Steer people on the right path; to help people focus more on positive thoughts, actions and words; to assist people on self improvement; to coach newbies who are serious about making a mark in the industry of Internet/Network Marketing


Magnetic Sponsoring Program
May 5 2011 10:17
This is the system that opened my eyes. My upline sent me a link to have a look and I have to say, I wasn’t really interested at first. Something kept nudging me to click on the link and have a look at what it was all about. I eventually did, and since then I have never looked back. Mike Dillard truly inspired me and I just had to get my hands on his training course. Most of the things I know today about network marketing came from Magnetic Sponsoring training courses, blogs, newsletters and videos. Below are a few benefits of this program: §  It teaches you how to stand out as a quality and resourceful leader. §  It teaches you attraction marketing (Making people come to you instead of the other way round). §  Self branding (Owning a website and creating products that will add value to people). §  Domain Secrets (How to utilize your web URLs effectively). §  How to generate leads and prospects without cold calling them, or bugging family and friends.   It's an affiliate program that offers you a chance of making extra money; but first you will have to buy the course to become an affiliate (There are no hidden charges once you become an affiliate). Find out more!

KB Gold
May 5 2011 10:13
Looking at the economic situation of the world, I believe a lot of network marketers out there have positioned themselves properly to avoid getting hit by inflation. But here’s the thing, regardless of the fact that you are making money, there’s really no guarantee that your money is secure (In the bank, backed by thin air; or in other words – nothing). So, if you want a better form of investing, then backing your finances with gold will go a long way. Live life the Gold standard   This is also an affiliate platform, and it is FREE to join. You can find out more about it by clicking here - (Be thorough in your research).

Talk Fusion
May 5 2011 10:07
Today I can say that I’ve joined a company that I can relate with; now, I’m not the type that brags about companies or products; we all know what we want. I appreciate video marketing as a form of connecting with a large amount of people worldwide. Talk Fusion is not the only video marketing company, but it is the one that I prefer after having a good look at it, and the rest as well. Below are the tools TF offers: ·        Video emailing ·        Video Conferencing ·        Live Broadcasting ·      Fusion Wall (Picture a social media wall, but with videos instead of write ups) ·        Video Blog (This is just brilliant) ·        Video Sharing ·        Video Auto Responders ·        E- Subscription form “Eight cutting edge products” – If this picks your fancy, then don’t hesitate to give me a buzz; for starters, you can visit the site (Do your research properly).

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