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To Steer people on the right path; to help people focus more on positive thoughts, actions and words; to assist people on self improvement; to coach newbies who are serious about making a mark in the industry of Internet/Network Marketing

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How To Use Freebies To Connect With Your Customers And Grow Your Business
May 5 2011 10:01

This book is a powerful material for anyone who is looking to increase his or her sales, gain more customers/team members or partners, and also stand out as a problem solver.


Freebies have been around for a long time now, and many entrepreneurs (Online & offline) are only just starting to capitalize on its power. It will not only blow your mind, but it will help you come to terms with the concept of giving in business. Below are a few things you will get from this book:


         How to carry out effective planning for your business behind the scenes (What to be before going public).

         The reason why giving is important in business and in the life of an entrepreneur.

         Why emotion is often a target for business people, and how you can also tap into this.

         How to apply the force of attraction and how to stand out from the crowd.

         Why building solid relationships with your customers and partners alike are very crucial.

         Why you need to have a solid product backed by a good promise.