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About our Business

ZamZuu is a business that is not just for some...ZamZuu is for EveryOne!  This business offers many streams of income.  
As a Free Agent you can shop from your own Free Website while getting savings, cash backs but most importantly 30% commission off of your purchases. Stores include Macy's, Walmart, Nostrom, Home Depot and over 700 more.  

Check out some the amazing things we offer!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Gina Alexander Bags

Cell Phones

My Travel Site

You even get your own Travel Site. You can give the URL to family and friends for them to shop online or you can turn your shopping experience into a business opportunity. 

 You can become a Rep for Free and sign up Brokers interested in the great potential of making by giving away Free Websites.  Brokers build teams of people who are either interested in shopping, becoming a Rep or a Broker.

This opportunity is a Win Win Opportunity that helps everyone!  I encourage those who truly love helping themselves and others at the same time to join the new Financial Revolution. Shopping online is growing more and more!  Everybody Shops!

I will be more than happy to talk to you about your ZamZuu possibilities.  Call me 773-669-8170

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