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TEAM Means........Tiru's Environmental Awareness Movement.

Team by Indian means......It is a movement started by an Indian.

It is a movement. It started in 2008. One day, it may end.
When that end will come ........it depends on speed of the movement.
When the speed comes......... means,
When the people likes joint family system,
When the people stays in their parents profession,
When the people likes to have natural foods
when the people like to marry within their surroundings / Towns / constituency / districts
When the people likes to be yoga and meditation for long time.

As it is a movement, it is not an NGO/CBO. So it is not registered. But the movement's plans, works, and action are maintained and marketed by Sukumars Mail Marketings

In order to strengthen the movement, Sukumars Mail Marketings is asking each and every one in India Rs. 10/- as DONATION to TEAM

If any one wants to participate in Team means visit our TEAM.

What we will do with the DONATION means.... You have to visit SERVICES

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Additional Info.

Sukumars Mail Marketings is started in 2003. Till 2008 it mailed other mailers marketing plans. But from 2008 it planned to start own plan and started. In that part, TEAM is one. SAI, STAR CENTRE are others. SAI means Service Association of India STAR CENTRE means Sidda Tirunarayanakumar Astrological Research CENTRE and its part an innovative matrimony www.yourhalf.in In order to maintain the articles of TEAM, SAI, STAR CENTRE, Sukumars Mail Marketings started An Indian Opinion. In order to get interest in An Indian Opinion Sukumars Mail Marketings started PPC/ Programme