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With the introduction of online trading, the chances of fooling investors by manipulating the equity price have significantly gone down. The online system has provided an open forum for investors to trade live on a stock exchange irrespective of the location. The system has also brought in many female investors, which was previously dominated by the male members of the society.


For some, trading in the Equity market is the addition to their primary income, while for others it is their bread and butter (primary source of income). The online system has benefitted both the categories by offering them a safe and comfortable platform to earn.

There is no alternative to learning. To understand the market trends you should have a strong base. The different investment types like NSE or BSE tips comes after constant research, therefore getting a practical training is essential.

In the nutshell, do not go with brokers or analyst whose claims are big, go with the one who presents the most transparent picture of the market. Learn stock market to know the basics of stock trading.

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Oct 15 2012 21:39

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I really appreciate his focused approach and his constant search for new ways to get things done.
 - stevenewton May 5th, 2014

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Naveen is a friend,professional,honest and believe in helping others to be successful online or offline also very active on APSense Community connecting with other members and sharing I wish you the best.
 - marvin60 December 26th, 2012

Naveen is good in SEO. We can get a lot of SEO tips from him
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Naveen, has a style and presence that draws you in to see what he has going on. He is very supportive and friendly not to mention the knowledge that is over flowing to anyone around him. Every time I deal to Naveen I'm 3 steps ahead of where I was when I left. The fabric of any person is his is not what he says but what he/she does and so far Naveen's fabric is close to flawless in my book. The chapter between Naveen and I has only been a few sentences, I'm looking forward to more...
 - havx November 20th, 2012

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