1st Choice Family Solutions: Helping America, One Family at a Time
May 17 2011 10:36
1st Choice Family Solutions is in business to help families, just like yours, achieve stability, planned protection, growth, and prosperity. HELP WANTED  1st Choice Family is seeking financial service agents to join their crusade to help one family at a time!   to join 1st Choice Family.  to get started and There is Experienced sales professionals are preferred, but we will also train new sales associates.  You can work from home and our programs are very easy to share. .   We are looking for motivated individuals to market some, if not all of the following services:Mortgage Modification Assistance Foreclosure Prevention Debt Settlement Car Mods & Audits Credit Restoration Rapid Payoff Manager Insurance Products  I will receive an email letting me know your in the system. I will then push you through.  You will then have #2 websites, one for your customers with products, and another for your team which can also join for FREE by following the same process..  Once you visit the website, "Click Sign up Now"!!   Take a look at the 60 Minutes Television Clip."The Next Housing Shock"  Click here for New Agent Sign Up Customer Website

The Customer Advantage
May 17 2011 10:26
The Customer Advantage is growing by leaps and bounds and for good reason.  Not only will members have an opportunity to save between 50% and 90% on goods and/or services from local and national merchants but they will also have opportunity to make a 5% commission of the purchase price for each offer their referrals buys from the daily deals in their email.Better yet; Sign up a business to advertise with TCA and get an additional 2% on every purchase from that business, whether the purchaser is your referral or not.  PLUS the business signs their own people up for the same 5% override.And EVEN BETTER, take advantage of TCA's FREE FUNDRAISERS for you favorite group or charity, including 501(c)3.

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