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I am a Graphic Designer and have studied computers for over 15 years. I studied Graphic design in web and print for 4 years at the College of Southern Idaho. I have acquired over 10 years of experience in the field aside from my studies. This website is a display of the range of my work in graphics and computers. Press experience is another skill I have attained with over 3 years of hands on experience. News press experience includes

The process and printing of pressed items also vinyl. Some of my specialties are custom fantasy art and logo designs in vectors. A good graphic artist understands the importance of a vector copy for a company logo. All of my work is done in Adobe CS5, CorelDraw or Quark Express, but platforms are easy to learn if I don't already know them. I have done books, posters, business cards, logos, websites and commercials plus many more.

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Joshua Fox
twin Falls, United States
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