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Jan 13 2010 15:57
SponsoredTweets is a new earnings opportunity.  good BBB rating no upgrade nor sign-up fees set your rate to tweet advertisement sign-up with your current Twitter account    

Oct 11 2008 17:18
Take advantage of free and unique Environmental Reclamation Service.   You are paid up to $3.60 for each ink cartridge and free shipping! freerecycling, LLC is one of the fastest growing recycling companies for ink cartridges in the United States. Start today fundraising with recycling ink cartridges.   Each used ink cartridge you collect will earn money for you or your Organization and School.

AdlandPro Traffic Exchange Affiliate
Oct 11 2008 17:13
Become an affiliate Every time our site is accessed through your link, your ad will be displayed three times on top of our pages. For each new affiliate you have referred who creates a link to our site, your ad will be displayed 50 times. AdlandPro will be customized immediately so it will look like your site. Copyright information and all links will refer to your system. You can market and promote it as your own classifieds system. You will automatically get a classifieds system on your pages with all your existing ads. For each purchase resulting from your link you will earn 20%. If you rank as one of our top 30 affiliates, your commissions will be increased to 25%. Get your own classifieds site like this one or this one  (If you create a page like one of the above examples, you will earn 5 credits for each visit to AdlandPro instead of 3.) For each 1000 credits earned from traffic to AdlandPro, you will be paid a bonus of $5 US, and for each 1000 credits generated by affiliates you sponsored, you will be paid a bonus of $2 US. Earn up to $1 a click by displaying ads of our pay per click advertisers. We will provide you with statistics regarding the performance of your link and results of your advertising at AdlandPro. Every two weeks you will receive free promotion tips and ideas on how you can increase traffic to your site from us. (optional)

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Jaz Live Cash Culture has a variety of free and low budget web site promotions. I have started my own network community. See tab "JazLive" on the business site. Browse banners and more ... NOTE: I have thousands of netowrk contacts and it is not possible for me to be involved with many of their offerings; thus, surfing teams are promoted under the logo of Jaz Jets, sponsored by Jaz Live Cash Culture. Visit current team leaders at Jaz Network Cash.