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IS SUCCESS WITH THIS SYSTEM REALLY ATTAINABLE IN 100 DAYS OR LESS? Developed by GDI world number 1 Ash Mufareh, AshMax is a truly beautiful system which for the first time ever puts regular people in total command of their own financial future! - It takes 3 simple steps, you are provided with the tools to get them done, total cost $25 to secure a monthly residual income of $22,300. - Using AshMax?s system you are able to build an astonishing $22,000 monthly income in less than 100 days! AshMax focuses on the fact that each determined individual only has to introduce five members in their initial 20 days of joining the system. If you do not feel you can do that then they even suggest you do not join! There is a time limit here, which stresses a sense of urgency. AshMax is about determined people getting results. Should somebody not get their 5 within 20 days they are removed from the AshMax marketing system. Teamwork and spillover will fill those spots for you and build your matrix far deeper ? with only other like-minded dedicated individuals! - This system is not for everyone. It is for those who are truly tired, frustrated and want a change. You MUST be committed and driven to fulfill the requirements in 20 days or less. Once this is complete, you are done and are on your way to financial freedom. Join here.... http://www.sashbrands.ws

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