Architectural Lighting Deign and Concepts - Jun 1st 2023 04:50

About our Business

 Hublit is known for its quality and efficiency of products and services. Our team of industry experts includes electrical engineers, lighting designers, project managers and professionals who work to create the best possible lighting solutions for each project.
In addition to the visual aspect of design, Hublit is also capable to calculate the amount of light, the uniformity or contrast and the power consumption of the proposed lighting solution. These ensure the design meets the specific requirements of the customers along with fulfilling the Illumination Power Density requirements of Energy and Building codes.
Letís have a look at the services offered by our experienced team:
1.       Lighting-lux mapping and glare index calculations
2.       Power planning of lighting
3.       Complete supply installation testing and commissioning
4.       Luminaire design specific to the customersí requirement 

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