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?Serious About Blogging?

Houseofmax-JV-Networks - Niche Blog Marketing
The Way It Was Meant To Be. Everything Else Is Irrelevant.

Serious About Blogging - Business Blogging The Way It Was Meant To Be You need to preview this site now and get a jump on the competition before we start Charging For It!

Our Free Niche Blog Resources is worth Fifty Dollars a Month.

The Houseofmax-JV-Networks offers the first practical approach to online Business Networking using blog content to drive traffic.
The Question has always been "How do you build your online business using business-social networking sites?"

The Keyword is "share" But what do you share and to what purpose?
Most social networking sites are built on this simple phenomena, but soon become redundant because of trivia overload.

For Business Networking, there is only one thing that is important: Share.

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Max you have a persistent presence on line as a marketer and in order to get to where you are you show the greatness just by the responses I've seen you make. You will always be successful because of the way you treat people. Excellence is all over your approach. Rockyp
 - rocity October 12th, 2007

Stop kissing up to the ladies with the colors and being cute! LOL Very nice site but I can't give you a 10 because you haven't finished your products. Keep on improving, although the way you write your posts, I should forgive you...not. To Your Success,
 - coachstevetoth October 11th, 2007

Love your slide show! Add personality to the mix. Thank you for putting good effort into advertising your business(es). ~ Barbara Eyre
 - barbeyre September 27th, 2007

I like this one. Has so different approach! To Your Success, Juri
 - bizmanest August 22nd, 2007

Looks like something everyone needs . Keep up the good work .Monty MyWorldPus Team Leader here to help !!!
 - monty49 August 19th, 2007


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