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We run several businesses, not all related but one or two that can push the others. We like making money and enjoy a challenge. We believe in proper networking and not just using sites like this to push a particular business or persuade people to part with money. The businesses we run and am affiliated to are mostly successful, even in this economic climate, because they offer people genuine products and opportunities. Anyone wanting to make money can join us if they wish. If not, we hope they can either learn something from us or that we can learn something from them. We don't spam anyone. Anyone who teams up with us gets our full support. They are not left dangling once they're in a downline. We detest get-rich-quick schemes because experience has shown us that to be successful at anything involves effort.

Global Innovation Sales KS. Is a Network Marketing company. Who is trying to find Quality programs for you "the user" to join. We are having a strategi for our Business. And we are using The Revenuemagic programs together wiht Apsense to promote all the programs we work in.
Here are the Advertising programs we use:






Wiht the Revenuemagic programs from the QUIK famely. You will have a great tool to find new partners for your Business.


Dubli is fun shopping !




We offer you to become partners in theese programs:

DubliNetwork & Dubli.com

UNAICO & SiteTalk               


KB Gold

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Dubli.com & DubliNetwork.com
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GISTeam Global Innovation Sales
Naestved, Denmark
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