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About our Business

KB Vision Swiss company with a production license of the world monetary-certified Gold.

Having its own mines and refineries. With production of gold bullion 0,5 - 1,0 - 2,5 -5,0g or more!

         exchange of your gold bars, should the gold certificate get damaged


         Regular updates of special editions keeping you informed of the latest developments.


         A gold purity of 999.9 quality which is the finest and highest quality of gold available worldwide.


         Our mining rights to an independent mining facility will ensure that supply shortages should never occur.


         Free delivery within officially launched countries for all purchases of no less than 100 bullion bars or a minimum payment of 5,000 Euro.


         Free storage of your assets, for as long as you need it with peace of mind that your gold is stored in a highly secured installation.


         In the event of loss (e.g. through theft) KB Edelmetall is exclusively liable. This is a unique feature as such a warranty can only be issued by a company that produces its own gold.


         Knowing that your gold bars can be converted into money at any time through KBís unique price guarantee, payable in the currency of your choice.


         Tangible possession of your assets.


         A free to use online inventory of all your precious assets, available to regular buyers.


         Market-based acquisition prices


         Delivery of only the highest quality products


         Unlimited access to your assets giving you complete flexibility to do as you wish.


         Easy to use online Customer Access Point.

No tax or fee on the purchase of benefits!

*Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Holland,Hungary,Czech,Poland,Slovenia,Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden,Norway,Finland

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