Jun 17 2007 13:55
INTODUCING [img][/img] PRESENTS [b]MADMAN CYCLE[/b] Company Goal 1000 new recruits in 30 Days! June 15th - July 15th Company Challenge to You Starting June 15th through July 15th 2007 GT TRENDS will launch its “first” ever 30-Day MADMAN CYCLE. MADMAN CYCLES will now be incorporated as an important part of the “culture” of GT TRENDS. We will need every builder to give his or her best effort during this MADMAN CYCLE in order to assure its success. This program will demand 110% of all our best efforts. What is a 30 day MADMAN CYCLE? A 30-Day MADMAN CYCLE is a recruiting program, which is 30 days in length. During the 30-Day period every team builder pulls out all the stops and works like a “MADMAN” and builds his or her business... by recruiting and building a massive team of “MADMEN” which in turn do the same. It is a period of time where you work long hours to accomplish BIG results. It is a period of time (30 days) where you work like a “MADMAN” to recruit as many of your friends, associates and relationships into the business. During this time (30 day) building the business is your number one priority. It is 30 days of intense, strategic, focused recruiting. It is 30 days of recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and more recruiting. You eat and sleep recruiting! You in essence become a MADMAN at recruiting! MADMAN CYCLES Create HUGE momentum- Just think ... if you gave this business 110% of your effort for 30 days what would happen? Just how much money could you make? Please do not forget that the GT TRENDS recruiting bonus has increased by 150%! Now instead of getting $40.00 per recruit you get $100.00! Think about this… What if everyone in your group (team/downline) got involved in the 30-Day MADMAN CYCLE? What if everyone like you gave 110% of their best efforts to build their business as you did! Think about the MOMENTUM this would create! It is all about MOMENTUM! Once the momentum is started it can lead to HUGE checks! There is NO better tool for creating momentum than a MADMAN CYCLE. This one campaign (MADMAN CYCLE) has the potential to launch your team to the top. Only the serious need consider- A MADMAN CYCLE is not for the fearful…or timid! MADMAN CYCLES are for the serious at heart. Those serious about making the income of their dreams!

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