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Welcome to the Grand Opening of Book Shop Digital


Donald B. Dousharm


It is my pleasure to introduce to you my new venture, Book Shop Digital. Before I get started telling you about my new venture let me give you a brief history on myself.


I started learning about internet marketing back in the mid 90ís when everything was still newly developing and most internet business ventures were trial and error.

My first experience with internet marketing was a system called ROIbot by Mark Joyner. (Here is a snapshot of an early campaign) & (Here for the affiliate program). I was pulling in a paycheck on average of about $220.00 a month. I followed Markís teachings to the letter and learned that this is something I love.


Over the years I developed an expertise on the distribution rights of Electronic Publications, or as we know today as E-Books. I found this to be something that inspired me and I could really grasp the concept. This is something that could be easily bought and sold. Even though the market seems saturated the idea of so much knowledge being distributed throughout the entire web is something most will never get tired of I have been dealing with the distribution of E-Books on and off for the last 21 years now and still love it as when I first discovered how it all works. All of this leads to why I am launching this new business, Book Shop Digital.


My intent is to bring affordable content at a fraction of internet retail value. I have tried numerous methods including but not limited to developing a membership site. This was working well for a while but started to become too large, clunky and complicated. I found the site going down quite often and very slow to navigate. I had gigabits and gigabits of information loaded into the database and just couldnít keep up with the maintenance. I also had personal issues that was taking up chunks of my time and finally I just had to drop the project all together. Now after a couple of years I decided to re-invent my strategy. I needed to do something that was less bulky, have virtually little to no maintenance and not fail on the quality of the site and product.


Now in my life I still work a brick and mortar job and am contemplating retiring so I would like to be doing something and this is it. Itís affordable to my clients, (You). Itís low on maintenance and best of all it doesnít fall short on quality. There are many of you out there who are just starting out and Book Shop Digital can be a very valuable source for knowledge and information as well as a startup for business.


Thank you for reading my bio and I hope you find Book Shop Digital to be an asset to your development along the way through your internet marketing career. For more information and developing news visit Book Shop Digitalís BLOG.


Donald B. Dousharm

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Don has put together some genuine value in tangible form, which beats hype with a stick. I purchased his PLR Starter Pack and even after several years working with resell rights products myself, I found some valuable tips I can use. Keep up the good work Don.
 - oldbuddy March 29th, 2015

I want to recommend Don Dousharm because he is good and dedicated to his work. He is a good and nice friend.
 - lizongphotography February 13th, 2013

Mr. Don Dousharm is great Entrepreneur and good friend. All his articles are very inspiration and full of knowledge. If you want to learn more about marketing contact Mr. Don.
 - angelcho December 19th, 2012

Don Dousharm not only founded and created Exceptional Content Publishing. He is a wonderful knowledgeable person that Understands Content Deliverance. He is approachable, contactable, and willing to share. The foundation years are many...and the structure is now complete... Hopefully you will befriend him and share and receive in a valuable experience. written by Author TrevPearman
 - trevpearman October 3rd, 2012

Don has put together his years of experience, ebook collections and much more. Easy to understand and help you to succeed in your Home Business. He is helpful and responsive when ever he can be. I am very happy to of met Don here at APSense.
 - crystalaztec May 11th, 2012

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