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VStream TV Wellness Products, Trips. Deals on 300,000 Stores.
"Soft Launch" CUT YOUR CABLE BILL for good! 3 levels of commissions even as a Free Associate/Distributor. Money SAVED! FREE TV FREE....AMAZING COMPANY ....JOIN FREE....GET PAID....WORLDWIDE ....AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. Cut you Cable Cost for good...Company established since 1999. Also savings to store in your graphical area. SAVE up to 81% on Travel, 50% off on Cruises, Motels, Restaurants, Taxis and much much more. You should see our Wellness Products!

VStream is a smart TV box that streams in HD with no monthly fees or
contracts. The VStream receiver will give you access to movies, TV
shows, live sports, large events, live streams of your favorite TV
channels, and 3D movies all in HD!

Each VStream2 Media Center will include standard AV cables and an HDMI cable to allow easy connection regardless of the age of your television. Also, the VStream2 Media Center will come in it's own custom gift box packaging. Perfect for retail sales or gifts! Every VStream2 Media Center will come preloaded with custom exclusive software. This new software even comes complete with a gaming section!

VStream2 Media Center comes with a built in 2mp camera, perfect for Skype! The new VStream2 remote now comes with a custom built-in microphone so video chatting is simple and fun!

Other amazing features included in this are a remote control with built in microphone, custom full size wireless keyboard which makes searching for content and surfing the internet easy. Custom wireless mouse for making navigating your VStream2 Media Center easy and surfing the internet a breeze.

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Turn your TV into an android tablet! * Browse the Internet from your couch! * Over 800,000 apps at the tip of your fingers! * Social Media on your TV! * Stream Music and Videos straight to your TV! * Video chat with friends and family (Web Camera not included) * Play all of your Android games on your TV! The movie selection is unlimited, if you’re looking for a classics or recent releases! Sick of waiting for your favorite TV shows to show up on other streaming devices? Wait no longer, you will have every episode the night it airs!