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Dawn's Work at Home has been helping people find work at home since 2007 and I first started testing online businesses in 2005. 

 When I first started out, I didn't have the knowledge and I got into many different expensive scams. These were sites that promised riches that for a newbie online sounded quite appealing. It took a lot of research and determination for me to gain the knowledge I now have. I am still learning more everyday. I started Dawn's Work at Home to help keep others from being scammed as I was. I learned the importance of being there to help your members build their business.  I had no help from sponsors when I first started and it was confusing and frustrating.  This is why it is so important to me that I help every person I sponsor into my business.

Out of all the opportunities I have tried, SFI is the one that I will stick with.  It is amazing and I get to build a team of my own while they provide the tools I need to succeed.  It really is the most amazing business on the Internet.

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Jul 4 2017 09:47

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Hi, Dawn! I followed you on your blog: http://dawnsworkathome.blogspot.com/ - nice setup! I like how you laid out your synopses of the different programs you're involved with, and how you created a free-flow and spacious feel to the navigation. Well done! If you'd like to check out and even follow my blog: http://makingmoneywithaffilatesads.blogspot.com/ , I'd appreciate knowing what you think! Make it a great day!
 - pearson6 September 9th, 2010


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