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Best hair transplant in Dubai at Cocoona UAE - Oct 19th 2019 05:33

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Hairline design is one of the  most important aspect of hair transplant procedure. Hair line design varies in Europeans, Asians, orientalist and Africans. It requires artistic perception to design an appropriate hair line.

The aims of designing a hair line are twofold: natural appearing hair line and age and race specific hairline. 

Planning of hair line 

A midpoint is marked in the centre of the forehead about a distance equal to or greAter than the distance between the eye brow to the tip of nose. The hair line then extends either side almost equidistant to the brows. The temple can be advanced with a gentle curve on both sides. A wavy line is drawn all along the marking to mimic a natural wavy front line. 


It is debatable as to how many hair grafts can be implanted in one square centimeter area of the  recipient site. Too densely packed hair follicles have risk of cellular death and loss of hair graft. Average 20-40 grafts can be inserted in a sq cm area depending upon the skin condition and availability of grafts. In elderly patient the density may be less for a more natural appearance. 

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