Feb 21 2012 02:12
I have surf a lot on the internet since 2007 up now, and did a lot of programs, joined a lot of sites, who promised a lot, and then they turned into big scams.But I also joined good ones and made some money, sites from writing and doing small task until complete offers, promoting sites, affiliating and SEO.I have saw a lot, but this particular site draw my attention because seems so sustainable, legit, paying in time , and it is doing this for couple of years now, thing that lead me to this opinion about this site : Very hot and cool!So, what is this site about? It is a kind of cycler and a hiyp in the same time.In other words: you need to buy a $10 position(which by the way , now is totally free for new comers) , then you receive 2% per day from that sum. When they mature you are in profit with $5 from those $10. For an optimum success you need to have 4 position once, so when they are matured you receive one position of $60 in the matrix, which also produce money for you!Every time you have a referral that a position of $10, you receive $1 commission , and $0.50 from indirect referrals.That can bring you more and more position. You can have 250 position bought in 1 hour. Yeah, it is huge but possible. Those who had faith in the program and started from the beginning, are enjoying this now.Just have a look and make an idea about what this site propose to you!

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mures, Romania
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