Microwave Vacuum Drying System
Feb 13 2014 21:20
Microwave Vacuum Drying SystemMicrowave vacuum drying equipment combines two different technologies to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products. While microwaves deliver gentle and uniform heat to the material, a vacuum atmosphere allows using a lower drying temperature. Vacuum microwave drying is highly suitable for processing pharmaceutical products and a wide range sensitive food products as well as chemical reaction.Attentions to Vacuum Microwave Drying? you should process the same material in every batch.? the material size should be similar? disperse the material instead of piling up.? no metal in the material? the microwave equipment should not work without loading.Features of Vacuum Equipment Specialized in Chemical Products Drying1. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.2. Vacuum degree is less than -0.09Mpa, automatically controlled.3. The core components of microwave system is self-researched, up to international standard.4. Automatic PLC control system can realize data storage, output and print.5. The microwave drying equipment adopts continuously variable transmission which is energy saving and ensures a reliable working process.6. Non-contact Infrared temperature measurement technology, accurate and easy to control.7. Special design drainage system greatly improves working efficiency.8. Microwave leakage is ?1mW/cm2, less than state standard(?5mW/cm2)Vacuum Microwave Drying Equipment Application in Chemical IndustryMainly used for chemical material extraction, drying, destructive distillation, Oxidation-reduction reaction.

Microwave Chemical Powder Drying Equipment Introduction
Feb 13 2014 19:49
Microwave Chemical Powder Drying Equipment Introduction We provide three kinds of microwave drying equipment for chemical material drying. Continuous type microwave drying equipment, box type microwave drying machine and vacuum type microwave drying equipment. Microwave drying method is different from traditional drying, the microwave can directly act on the water molecules, thus creating an efficient drying result.Microwave Chemical Materials Drying Machine FeaturesThe common features of the three kinds of Microwave Drying Machine for Chemical Materials are as follows 1. The whole microwave equipment is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel materials, elegant appearance and easy to clean. 2. The core components of microwave system is made by independent R & D , customized as customersí requirement. 3. Special Electrical components all adopt highest standards of the industrial microwave industry. 4. Man-machine interface operation, PLC automatic control system, realizing the data storage, output and printing function. 5. Using the non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-point temperature measurement with high precision. 6. The value of microwave leakage is less than 1mW/cmEvery type has its own characteristics, what characteristic does continuous type microwave dehydrator for chemical materials have? 1. Continuous type microwave chemical materials drying equipment was made according to a large scale and continuous operation chemical materials. 2. Technology parameters can be set freely, and can set a variety of process data. 3. With original wet exhaust system, it can remove moisture quickly and improves the working efficiency. 4. Conveyor belt is made of teflon material, best in this industry (? =1.3mm).5. Equipped with automatic correction system, ensuring a stable working performance.What features does case type microwave chemical materials drying machine have? 1. Suitable for relatively small scale production with intermittent operation.2. Making use of tray rotation, the drying effect is efficient and uniform. 3. Processing data can be set freely. 4. Hopper is made of Teflon materials which is high temperature and corrosion resistant materials.What features does vacuum type microwave chemical materials drying machine have? 1. The vacuum degree is ? -0.09Mpa, automatic control. 2. Using specific fast drainage system, improving the working efficiency. Tips 1. We customize the most suitable microwave equipment for you according to the characteristics of different materials. 2. For some material temperature requirement is below 60 ?, you must select to use the vacuum equipment such as medicine extract.

Microwave Nut Ripening Equipment
Feb 12 2014 20:45
Microwave Nut Ripening Equipment IntroductionOur food ripening equipment adopts advanced microwave technology to roast the nuts and grains, compared with the traditional roasting method, microwave roasting has many advantages like energy-saving, high production quality, no pollution, improve working condition, etc. As one of professional microwave equipment manufacturer, Azeus can supply many kinds of microwave equipment for you like microwave drying machine, microwave sterilization equipment, microwave ripening equipment. Our microwave equipment enjoys great popularity in various industries such as pharmaceutical industry, architectural material industry, feed the fertilizer industry, food industry, packing industry, chemical industry, etc.Microwave Food Ripening Equipment ApplicationMicrowave food ripening equipment is mainly suitable for drying hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, almond, peanut, melon seeds, pistachios, camellia seeds, seeds, rice, buckwheat and other roasted nuts and grains.TipsOur microwave food ripening equipment is not only used for food curing, but also for food drying and food sterilization. We have many microwave equipments, you can according your material to choose the one fit for you.Microwave Nuts Ripening Equipment Features1. New developed roasted nuts and grains processing equipment, overcome the traditional equipment backward technology and low yield of faults2. The whole equipment adopts food grade stainless steel, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, easy cleaning and maintenance3. Using the non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-point temperature measurement, high precision, automatic control4. Man-machine interface operation, automatic PLC control5. U conveyor belt structure, prevent blanking6. Drying and curing uniformity, improve the quality of the products7. Automatic open and shut down, realize material operation and microwave synchronous start-stop8. Microwave leakage value?1mW/cm2(national standard?5mW/cm2)Advantages of Microwave Drying and Ripening1. High energy conversion efficiency, fast heating speed2. Easy to operate, advanced technology, improve working condition3. Drying and curing process with low temperature sterilization, low nutrient loss.4. Energy efficient, safe and no pollution5. The finished product is with original nutrient and traditional flavor

Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment
Feb 12 2014 00:03
Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment IntroductionMicrowave Meat Sterilization Equipment is ideal microwave equipment widely used for the further processing of meat products, sterilizing and drying meat at the same time. Advanced technology, nutrition preservation and high efficiency make drying and sterilization more convenient and reliable, and it has become more and more popular in food products factory, meat products factory, etc.Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment Application? Suitable for beef jerky, pork, fish, duck and chicken meat drying and sterilizing.? Suitable for meat products drying and sterilizing of food products factory, meat products factory, salted duck factory, marine fishery company, seafood enterprise, etc.To Learn More about Benefits of Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment1. Microwave sterilization is a physical sterilization method, it does not need to add chemical preservatives, can kill bacteria, fungi and worm eggs, and virus harmful microbes; in the process of kill harmful organisms , it will not residue toxicology or radioactive materials on food, safety and harmless, also won't change food flavour and nutrition.2. Microwave energy is precisely controllable and can be turned on and off instantly, eliminating the need for warm-up and cool-down.3. High thermal efficiency, without additional thermal loss.4. The use of industrial microwave systems avoids combustible gaseous by-products, eliminating the need for environmental permits and improving working conditions. 

Investment Tips for Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine
Feb 10 2014 21:00
Investment Tips for Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine The growth in popularity of convenient foods in many Asian countries has stimulated increasing demand for high-quality dehydrated vegetables and fruits.This trend is expected to continue and even accelerate over the next decade in all emerging economies of the world. So we can see the broad promising market of dehydrated vegetables.Dehydration offers a means of preserving foods in a stable and safe condition as it reduces water activity and extends shelf-life much longer than that of fresh fruits and vegetables. Microwave drying offers opportunities to shorten the drying time and improves the final quality of the dried products. Now itís a wise choice to grasp the opportunity to own an advanced microwave vegetable drying machine and invest in dehydrated vegetables related industry.Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine  IntroductionMicrowave vegetable drying machine is a professional equipment works by the microwave heating principle to dry the fresh or seasonal vegetables into dry foods. Many kinds of vegetables especially root vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, peas, potato, etc. can be dried and sterilized by this microwave vegetable drying machine. These vegetable should be sliced before drying. The vegetables after drying have more vivid color and good quality.

Microwave Herb Medicine Drying Equipment
Feb 9 2014 20:35
Microwave Herb Medicine Drying Equipment IntroductionIn modern medical industry, using microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect to dry and sterilize pharmaceutical extract is advanced method. Due to some medicineís viscidity, our microwave herbs drying machine adopts vacuum design.Applications of Microwave Drying/Sterilization Equipment for Medical Products 1. Applied fields: medical and pharmaceutical industry.2. Suitable materials: pills/troche/herbal medicine /powder /pharmaceutical extractsMicrowave Pills/Capsule Sterilization Machine Features1. Practical and economic.2. Easy to control, convenient to operate.3. Low energy consumption.4. Environmental friendly, clean and sanitary. 5. Compare with conventional method, our microwave equipment can work immediately when you turn on, no thermal inertia and microwave power can be adjustable.How to Dry Herbs/Pills/Medical Extract with Microwave Equipment?Taking use of thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave to dry and sterilize drugs in low temperature, microwave energy radiated into medical supplies directly, then the internal temperature of drugs becomes higher, pressure, acceleration bound water molecules are transferred, some water in raw materials evaporate outward gradually, meanwhile, microwave machine equip with ventilating equipment (appropriate air), which removed the evaporated water. Thus, reach the purpose of drying and sterilization. Why Choose Microwave Equipment For Medical Products Drying Traditional drying and sterilization of pills, capsules and tablets adopts steam and tunnel oven, which not only needs large area workshop but also needs to equip with expensive air conditioning equipment. In addition, the drying time is very long, in generally, it takes several hours or days. Using microwave equipment to dry and sterilize pills, capsules, troche, and even traditional Chinese medicine herbs can reduce labor intensity, improve production quality and also ensure the medicine consistency. Warm Tips for Choose Microwave Equipment Before purchasing microwave drying/sterilization equipment, please tell us your materials and required capacity , we will customize the most suitable one for you. 

Microwave Seasonings Sterilizing Equipment
Feb 8 2014 00:14
Microwave Seasonings Sterilizing EquipmentMicrowave Seasonings Sterilizing Technology IntroductionMicrowave is electromagnetic wave of frequency between 300MHz to 300GHz. The hydrone of heated materials is of polar molecule, under the effect of high frequency electromagnetic field, they move and frict, thus making the material temperature rise and realizing the sterilization effect. Microwave sterilizing equipment has wide application in seasonings sterilization. Spice processing flowchart: Concentrated paste---Feeding system--- Microwave dryer--- Cooling system--- Discharging & Crushing systemMicrowave Seasonings Sterilization Machine Application? Microwave technology has a wide and mature application in seasonings sterilization. For example, chili powder, pepper, star anise, chili sauce, spice, cinnamon. The processed material can keep original flavor and colour. By microwave sterilizing, the material only needs to be processed 3-5 minutes and temperature reaches 75-85 ?.? Microwave seasoning (flavors, spices) drying sterilization equipment also applies to the heating and sterilization to seasoning (chicken flavor, beef flavor, pork flavor and yeast extract, etc.) and seafood spices (kelp, seaweed, fish and shrimp).Microwave Seasonings Sterilization Features1. Short drying and sterilizing time, fully reserve spice fragrance. 2. The seasonings can be fully sterilized at a relatively low temperature, no damage to material nutrition.3. Selective heating. As hydrone has a strong absorbing ability of microwave, material with more moisture can get more heat than low moisture ones. With the selective heating theory, the seasonings can get uniformly heated and sterilized. 4. Energy- saving. Microwave can directly heat the material themselves, so there is no extra heating wasted. 5. Puffing effect. The drying process is from inner to outer side, so the sterilization process has puffing effect. 6. Easy operation, advanced technology. Microwave sterilizing machine is of high automatic degree, flexible and easy operation. There is no waste water & gas during the sterilization process.  

Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment
Feb 6 2014 20:17
Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment IntroductionMicrowave beans/protein powder drying machine is professional equipment for drying or dehydrating bean products by microwave. This microwave drying machinery for bean products can be used for processing many kinds of bean products including whey protein, plant protein powder, organic protein powder, drawing protein, starch etc. This microwave equipment is good investment for mass production of high value protein power, one time investment, remarkable profits.Protein Powder is the most Prosperous Investment-Top Three Protein PowderProtein power are more and more popular in worldwide markets because of its high nutrition value and convenient package. Consider to starting a powder production workshop is a really ideal business. Before putting everything into fact, you should have a clear understanding of the protein powder markets. The are so many kinds of protein power, choose the most popular ones. Here is a list of the top three.Whey Protein Three are various forms of whey protein, the best three ones are whey concentrate/whey isolate(pure protein)/whey hydrolysate(the purest one in the market today)LeucineGet a little more leucine is also good for health. Research confirms that leucine acts as a critical switch that turns on the muscle protein synthesis, which leads to building muscle.ProteasesFully absorption of the protein is the most important step. Proteases are enzymes that specifically break down protein into its individual amino acids which helps your body digest whey protein quicker so you can absorb it better.Warm TipsIn order to achieve an efficient communication, please write down your raw materials, capacity, material moisture and the finished moisture. When you send inquiry about Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment or send email. We will give you professional reply in one work day.

Microwave Pasta Drying Equipment
Feb 5 2014 21:37
Microwave Pasta Drying EquipmentBrief Introduction of Microwave Pasta Drying Equipment Pasta microwave drying equipment adopts special microwave heating principle to achieve rapid drying purpose for various pasta products. Featured with high efficiency, uniform drying and easy operation, pasta microwave drying equipment is ideal choice for large-scale industrial pasta products production.Application Range of Continuous Pasta Microwave Drying Equipment Widely used for the drying process of various pasta products, such as non-fried instant noodles, convenient stewed noodles, high-grade fine dried noodles, farfalle, etc. Widely used for fast drying of food products factory, food production enterprises, instant noodles factory, noodle factory, flour products factory, etc.Remarkable Features of Pasta Microwave Drying Equipment* The whole body is made of stainless steel, with nice appearance, easy to clean and maintain.* Man-machine interface operation, and adopts advanced PLC automatic control system, the microwave output can be adjusted automatically.* Uniform drying, which enhances final products quality.* Solving the problems of long drying cycle and high energy consumption of conventional drying method for pasta. * Using the non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, multi-point temperature measurement to ensure high accuracy.* Automatic startup and shutdown design to realize synchronous start-stop of the material processing and microwave. * With lower microwave leakage value ?1mW/cm2 compare to the national standard ? 5mW/cm2, making the drying operation more reliable and safer.* Easy operation, fast heating and drying, eco-friendly, time and cost-saving. Noodles Microwave Drying Principle Microwave is electromagnetic wave with frequency of 300 MHz. Microwave drying adopts electromagnetic wave with strong penetrability which can directly effect on the water molecules, also has no need of thermal conduction, meanwhile making the noodles to be dried itself so as to achieve fast heating and drying purpose. 

Microwave Bottled Food Sterilizing Machine
Feb 4 2014 21:50
Microwave Sterilization Machine IntroductionAzeus is China leading manufacturer of microwave sterilizing equipment, we are expert in machine design, manufacturing and installation. Let me give you an illustration of microwave sterilization working theory: under the action of microwave energy, materials temperature rises up. The living environment of the insects and bacteria in materials will be damaged which can realize the sterilization purpose. Our microwave sterilizing equipment for bottled food are highly outstanding for its sterilization speed and high automation. This machine is of advanced design, you can set temperature and observe the working process conveniently.Microwave Sterilizing Equipment Application? Suitable food: canned fruit sterilization, dairy product sterilization, bottled drinks sterilization, canned vegetables sterilization, mushroom sauce sterilization ,bean paste sterilization, cooking wine sterilization, vacuum packaged snack sterilization etc.? Applied industry: canned food factory, bottled beverage processing plant, bean paste processing industry.Outstanding Features of Microwave Bottled Food Sterilizing Machine? Fast heating speed. Unlike traditional heating method, microwave sterilization heat is transferred from material inside to surface, that is to say, during the sterilizing process, the material itself reaches a relatively high temperature, which maximally shorten working time. Due to a short heating time, food nutrition will not be damaged.? Low sterilization temperature. Temperature for traditional sterilization is 121 ?, while for microwave sterilization, the temperature is only 70--105 ?. So microwave technology makes the food fully keep the original flavor.? Delicate design, high automation and environmental protection. Why Choose Microwave Sterilization Machine For Bottled Food? This machine is specially designed for bottled food sterilization, solving the problem of bottle expansion when heated.? The whole machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain.? Adopt non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology: multi-point temperature measurement, high precision and automatic temperature control. ? PLC control system, which can realize the function of data storage, output and print.? Automatically Turn on/off, making the material move/stop synchronously with the machine.

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