• Microwave Herb Medicine Drying Equipment
    In modern medical industry, using microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect to dry and sterilize pharmaceutical extract is advanced method. Due to some medicineís viscidity, our microwave herbs
  • Microwave Vegetable Drying Machine
    Microwave drying offers opportunities to shorten the drying time and improves the final quality of the dried products. Now itís a wise choice to grasp the opportunity to own an advanced microwave vege
  • Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment
    Microwave Meat Sterilization Equipment Application Suitable for meat products drying and sterilizing of food products factory, meat products factory, salted duck factory, marine fishery company, seafo
  • Microwave Seasonings Sterilizing Equipment
    Microwave sterilizing equipment has wide application in seasonings sterilization. Spice processing flowchart: Concentrated paste---Feeding system--- Microwave dryer--- Cooling system--- Discharging &
  • Microwave Vacuum Drying System
    Microwave vacuum drying equipment combines two different technologies to create specific conditions for sensitive products. While microwaves deliver gentle and uniform heat to the material, a vacuum a
  • Microwave Chemical Material Drying Equipment
    three kinds of microwave drying equipment for chemical material drying.Continuous type microwave drying equipment, box type microwave drying machine and vacuum type microwave drying equipment.
  • Microwave Protein Powder Drying Equipment
    Microwave beans/protein powder drying machine is professional equipment for drying or dehydrating bean products by microwave
  • Microwave Pasta Drying Equipment
    Pasta microwave drying equipment adopts special microwave heating principle to achieve rapid drying purpose for various pasta products. Featured with high efficiency, uniform drying and easy operation
  • Microwave Bottled Food Sterilizing Machine
    Applied industry: canned food factory, bottled beverage processing plant, bean paste processing industry.
  • Fruit Slice Microwave Drying Machine
    Microwave Fruit Slice Drying/Puffing Machine helps you to make a series of pre-treatment of various fruit slices, including drying, sterilizing and puffing process.
  • Microwave Dates Drying Equipment
    Microwave Dates Drying Sterilization Equipment is ideal equipment for drying and sterilization of dates. Uniform drying, stepless power and speed ensure final products is of good quality and rich nutr
  • Microwave Non-fried Instant Noodle Ripening Equipm
    The emerging of microwave non-fried instant noodle technology has changed the insufficiency of current hot air drying process. The taste and flavor is the same as the traditional noodles, no oil, no l
  • Microwave Spirulina Sterilization Equipment
    Microwave sterilization is a kind of new technology of high efficiency and convenient operation. Microwave sterilization is the interaction results of the thermal effects of electromagnetic field and
  • Microwave Flower Drying Equipment
    Microwave Flower Drying Equipment is specially designed for drying and sterilization of flowers. The flowers after drying have good color and quality also without any damage.
  • Microwave Drying Machine for Oil Seeds
    Crops Microwave Drying Machine adopts advanced microwave heating technics to integrate the drying, sterilizing and puffing process together. Whole body is made of stainless steel which ensures safe an
  • Microwave Nut Ripening Equipment
    Food ripening equipment adopts advanced microwave technology to roast the nuts and grains, compared with the traditional roasting method, microwave roasting has many advantages like energy-saving, hig
  • microwave drying
    Azeus Machinery is dedicated to researching & manufacturing industrial microwave equipment for food/chemical products/medicine sterilizing and drying. Our machines are highly automatic, environmentall