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Wallpost was originated in December 2009 by Bangar Reddy. It gives foremost priority to the security and privacy; in this website all the permissions given to users of their accounts and here every activity can set with password protection to avoid aggravation from outsiders. The registration of wallpost has been restricted to who are in below 13 years age and says welcome to access this website from all the genres throughout the world. The well known features are in wallpost; photo statistics, password protected albums, friends invitation, network page, groups creation, dashboard, recent visitors, articles, photo tagging and many. Wallpost offer a chance to marketers to promote their business through social ads with free of cost; every registered user can benefit with 5 social ads. Wallpost takes a step forwarded and launched mobile & touch version, mobile apps, shortcut keys; the reason behind introduced these feature, to move wallpost network users in well advanced path. Wallpost main aim is to create a single platform for the people across the world to share their pictures and videos; connect them through instant messaging services; hold a strong foot in business through advertising option; stay in touch with audio and video chat applications.  


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 - abbasfarooq February 1st, 2013

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