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Joined APSense since, October 25th, 2012, From Eskilstuna, Sweden.
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About Helena

Hi thank´s for looking by...

I am a girl from Sweden and love to be and work in the nature...gardening..wood shopping..and so on..

I have been online now for 3 years..with mostly forward moving results...some hickups as we al have gone throug..but no big losts..

Have my own domain name..homepage..landing page..and blogg..

This affilate marketing world is exiting and changable world..you lear new things al the time..and that is one thing i like about it..

My goal is that i can be at home and do what i like most..it would be wonderful to one day make it happen...

See you al and take care

Thank´s for looking at my profile and get some impressions about who i am.


Helena Perala

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  • TraffiCash Alliance InterNETional
  • Light Fixtures
  • LiketoCash
  • Team Promote
  • A Trip to India
  • ICANetworkApps
  • Culture Holidays India
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Recommendations for Helena

Robert Paul Committed  
Hi.. I just viewed your profile. Its really interesting one. You have experience in Affiliate Marketing, Business, Education, Internet & eBusiness, Marketing. I just liked your profile. Good.. keep it up..
Peter G. Advanced  
Talked to Helena a few times over skype, very professional and kind :)
Victorino Jacalan Innovator
I appreciate and highly recommend this affiliate marketeer, she is honest and sincere...
Doug Atkinson Junior
Helena is an excellent coach in marketing and and basically anything to do with promotion. She will help anyone who is willing to learn.
Bonnie Parada Advanced
I recommendation Helen Perala she is a great person to me .Always helping other .

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