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About Simao

I'm a member of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization from USA who is the world leader in communication and leadership development, we operate in 135 countries and help our members improve their speaking and leadership skills.
And I’m Vice president of education of Toastmasters clube here in Portugal

I also love sports and I do Krav Maga; Hiking, Trail running,…

I’m a real person you can talk to…
My skype I.D. is: simaopjp so, If you want to get in touch with me feel free to send me a contact request and contact me if you see me online.
I look forward to connecting with you!!

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  • Lepide Software
  • beproactivenow
  • Culture Holidays India
  • Facebook Bookmarks
  • Visavis Online Business
  • Movers Packers India
  • Khojle
  • KaratBars - A crisis-free business
  • Creekside Resort

Recommendations for Simao

Jelena Stamenkovic Djukic Senior  
Simao, you are a great person. I know that you are an professional in your bussiness. You are honest, and very good friend. Thank you for everything. I can suggest people to join you. All the best!

Recommendation on Experiences: Entrepreneur, forever living products
Grass D. Advanced
Simao is a helping hand for others and has great knowledge about Multilevel Marketing.

Recommendation on Experiences: Affiliate, Cash Back Booking
Sakiat Amin Senior  
Everybody has an own way & wake there way but only somebody make there rigth way to success.And right way or right offer came aroun aonly one time...thatswhy i think your ALIVE MATRIX is one of the best way to reach there success.....
Luis Infante Senior  
Olá a todos! Gostaria de recomendar O Simão como um Team leader, um homem com uma dedicação e enorme sentido de responsabilidade, e um profissionalismo invejável. Sigam os passos dele e caminhem juntos para o sucesso! Luís Infante

Recommendation on Experiences: Entrepreneur, forever living products
John Mayer Innovator
Simon is a best marketing person.He is good communication and hard working person.He is a good marketer also..

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