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Academic Writing Resource For Students  

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A very Easy and an Affordable Solution for your hectic problem is here... For More then 10 Years, bestessaysandpapers has been serving Students and Professionals all over the world providing 100% Plagiarism free Custom written Essays and Papers.

App Promotion Bundle

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This App Promotion Package will surely help you get more Visitors reach and also helps in Up ranking your app in App stores charts. We also offer App ratings services on App stores. Blog and Forum posts & Social Media Marketing Campaign!

App Promotions

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SA Apps has been marketing and promoting iOS and Android apps and games since October 2012. We also support various other line of online businesses. Our Solutions include: * Graphics - App Icon - App Submission & Featured Graphics - App UI

App Promotions

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I can market as well as help Uprank an app or game whether Android or iOs by submitting and publishing on Top app review sites, blogs and Forums

App Reviews/Articles/Forums  

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I will post your iOS apps to 25 top review sites, Write Forum Posts and Articles reagarding your App's online Promotion. -post your iOS apps to another 15 top review sites and 5 different Forums -post your iOS apps to 50 top review sites.

Automated Customer Relationship Management  

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Great art to Build relationship via my Social network, feedback, Support and services.

Blast your site traffic  

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Instant Bulk Email Marketing! Life time Member ship for 2.3 Million emails Daily

Click and Earn Money  

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Click and Earn Money is designed to earn money by clickin on ads, earn money by surfing Ads, earn money by referrals.

Click and Earn Money

Websites - Internet & eBusiness -
Click and Earn Money is designed to earn money by clickin on ads, earn money by surfing Ads, earn money by referrals, Earn money by Ptc sites, earn money by traffic exchange and several options to earn money at home.

Click and Earn Money

Websites - Internet & eBusiness -
Many PTC sites as well as referral based Earning programs, which you may join Freely or very few bucks but earn a handsome amount working online for few hours.

Guess WHAT AM I ? Riddles Trivia Quiz, Word Guessi

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Riddles Trivia Quiz - most challenging yet addictive ​word guessing game for iPhone and iPad​ is finally here​.This game is a Real brain ​teaser​ indeed. ​Can you Guess them all? There are hundreds of them. So, can you figure them out? Riddles Quiz

Kids Learn Book Pro - Educational App , Fun Learni  

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Kids Learn Book Pro – an Educational App for iPhone and iPad, fun learning app, an interesting, intuitive and amazingly simple fun educational app is the best learning app for the kids yet developed.

Kinds of Tooth Whitening

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Everyone desires to have a great smile. For a killer smile, one should have sparkling, bright, and shiny Teeth. Today, a lot of people are spending more money just to have their Teeth whiter. Dental Care | Teeth Care | Teeth Whiteners | Remedies

Lates iPhone Apps and Games

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Share latest iphone apps is designed for people love to share iphone apps, ipad apps, iphone games, ipad games, iOS apps, and iOS games with all.


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At Masalasoft we develop some of the coolest and most popular applications for mobile platform.

Memory Card Game

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My own Developed Game in C#

Mobile App Marketing Company

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App Marketing & Promotions made easy here at SA Apps blog for details

My Blogs  

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I have written Many Blogs such as 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

My Personal Website & Blogs

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I have been promoting and marketing since 2009 with different websites and companies setup this one in 2012 with blogs as well

My Social Networks

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Onzaa Clothing Astore

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Clothing and Apparel Store by Amazon, Specially for Tee-shirts of All Sort, Shirts, Pants, Casual Dresses and other Clothing and Apparel Goods.

PC Technical Support

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Great experience on PC technical support, OS installation and Device drivers, as well as System Maintenace support Configure and install All Networks and operating systems, Live support, World Wide support

Proverbs Trivia Quiz - Challenging Word Guessing G

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Proverbs Trivia Quiz game is an addictive yet challenging word guessing game for iPhone and iPad​. A Real brain teaser for any one I bet.​ ​ Proverbs Trivia Quiz challenges your intellect and wisdom, test your ability, knowledge about proverbs.

SA Apps - Have it your Way!

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If you are unsure where to start Promoting your Apps, THIS is the best App Promotion and Marketing Solution for you. GUARANTEED! Reliable! & Incredibly Affordable.

SAK Computer Consultants

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SAK COMPUTER CONSULTANTS Earn money from all that traffic up there! Your posts pay off with relevant ads from AdSense.

SAK Computer Consultants

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Sales and Services of Computer Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks All Accessories of Computers. We as an Amazon Affiliate Offering Latest Desktop Computers and Laptops by Amazon.

Scalar Energy Pendant  

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Name: Galaxy Energy Pendant (Pair) Metal: Lava & Elements Delivery Time: 3-4 Weeks

Screenshots designing

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I will add your App Screens to iPhone Mock ups designing Stunning looking iPhone Screenshots for your apps to be uploaded on App store. App is Downloaded and get exposure by First Impression, i.e. App Icon, Screen Designs

Teaching and Programming Computers

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We also have a lot of tutorials for Software and Hardware Courses

Trouble shooting PC Problems

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We Provide PC -trouble shooting and Sales and Services at your Door Step

Witch Hunter For Android

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Already Featured in many Top App Review Sites Such as Bestappsgallery, Apprater, Alternativeto, Thegreatapps and Indie Game Hunt How to Play this Adventure Game - Witch buster? Hit, Smash and kill the witches by tapping the flying witches

WitchBuster for Android  

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Witch Buster for Android is an amazing witch killing, thrilling action and adventure game with multiple levels including different modes. Witches can be smashed and killed and if a witch escapes your killing tricks, you are gonna lose a life.