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I am a Online Retail Entrepreneur. I have my own online retail store and I sell on eBay.
I am into Quality Fashion Products for the Woman and the Man. If you wear it we sell it and if we sell it you can believe that it is Quality Fashion Products.I Love Business good times bad times I am still in Love. I have been doing this for 16 months and it is a joy even in bad times. I owned and ran a business for 14 years in the past and it is good to be back.Yes we sell Quality Fashion Products but we sell many other items.
I live in Michigan I am married and all I can say is God is Good

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  • S-IMEX Bohemian  Crystal Lighting
  • 99 We Tow It
  • Ladivascloset

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Brenda W. Professional  
Robert is loaded with business skills that will help you in your networking. Take a look for yourself and find the one(s) that best suit your needs.

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Emily Bronte Advanced
Hello, Robert Wright Senior Like your post! I'm from FUJITV Live App, Nice to meet you.

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