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I will create your logo design for $7.00 

Your home business and company can raise 70% more traffic and customers with a Brand Logo Design specifically made for you. I can create that design from scratch. With just a concept and a name, I c... Read More

I will proofread your blog or newsletter for $7.00 

If you are like me even after you have posted your blog or newsletter ; there will still be errors that can be corrected. I will read your blog and or newsletters for any errors and notify you of cor... Read More

I will paint letters on a wall for $7.00 

Wall Mural Art can promote you like no other medium. I will draw a large wall mural featuring your website location on a highly viewable outdoor wall. If you have a logo that goes with your website ... Read More

I will proofread your advertisements and rev pages before you post them for $5.00 

The English language was always one of my finer subjects. It would be my pleasure to proofread and edit any reasonable length advertisements, rev pages, campaigns and articles before you post them. Read More

I will proofread your advertisement before you post it for $5.00 

I will proofread and edit any reasonable length document, advertisement, rev page or campaign within a 48 hour period. Read More

I will create an apsense talent for you with a recurring income for $24.00 

I will show you how you can use this Talent to create your own Recurring Income Sources with every order you get Read More

I will help you to cook steak with vegetables in four... for $9.00 

we need steak, depend what you want....to melange with vegetables: onion, patatoes,carotts, telery, oil, littel water... garlic and ingredients... and more love! After all in four.... Read More

I will show you how to earn more money faster using a web page rotator for $16.00 

I will show you how to create a list of affiliate URL's with your own ID in each one of them so you can enter them into a web page rotator and start sellen all these affiliate products using just one ... Read More

I will make any song you want to sing for $5.00 

I am a musician do you like to sing? I will make you a midi file and/or a mp3 for you to sing, I will make any song you want in the right key for your voice Read More

I will business associate-tesla plates india for $6.00 

We are vedic research and innovations, the only developers of Linda Goodman Read More

I will promot your revpages in apsense for $5.00 

i want and i can to promote your revspages in Apsense! I will create a capagne credits for your products! Give me your page, i will take your pages with autenthicity create! TRy to contact me! Read More

I will draw a commercial mural of your logo for $7.00 

Sometimes having your logo created in a large mural type painting can get the attention of your audience better than anything else. A large Mural can be the easiest answer especially if created for o... Read More

I will join your 3 site(ptc,surf) if are free to join for $9.00 

i want have many friends, i want earn money online, i want surf for my pleasure to know and to help, i want to make many friends! Read More

I will translate for you from latin in french for $11.00 

i can translate for you, with plaesure from latin in french! i am a teacher, graduated in latin and in romanian language! Read More

I will translate text of 1,000 words or more - english-german /... for $10.00 

I am fluent in both languages and have a good understanding of technical terminology. 1,000 words Read More