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I will ping your site every 3 days for 3months. for $5.00 

What is a Ping? A ping tells the search engines or blogs that you just submitted some important information. It tells these sites... * Where your website is. * That new content is available. ... Read More

I will sonytv bravia for $5.00 

Sony BRAVIA LED & LCD TVs redefine entertainment for you. BRAVIA televisions host latest technologies like Full HD, 3D TVs, Internet-enabled TVs. Sony's newest offering-The Internet TV-lets you access... Read More

I will the world atlas of chocolate for $7.00 

1. Switzerland 22.36 2. Austria 20.13 3. Ireland 19.47 4. Germany 18.04 5. Norway 17.93 Chocolate Consumption Distribution Worldwide Not all countries are able to enjoy the sweet taste o... Read More

I will te ayudo de prepar barato for $5.00 

te gusta cucinar,usas recetas de libros de cucina,no sabes de usar lo productos che ai in despensa,yo te ayuda,e mucho mas che solo la cucina Read More

I will promote your business on linkedin for $6.00 

I can promote your business through relevant Linkedin groups, Fcabeook business pages or my personal Twitter account Read More

I will show you how to extend your life for $5.00 

I can and will show you how you can extend your life 10-20 more than you expect to live now! Cheers! ;--) Read More

I will help you get huge yields with huge yields for $5.00 

Help you use the website to your best advantage. Help you regulate and disperse your earnings. Help you maneuver your way around the Huge Yields website. Read More

I will advertise your website through social bookmarkings for $6.00 

I can advertise your website through social bookmarkings. Social bookmarking sites can provide do-follow, permanent backlinks to increase your website rankings. Read More

I will design your company logo for $7.00 

Have a concept and idea for your company? I can DESIGN your logo based on concept and idea that you present to me. Sometimes it will include your initials or the Letters in your company named combin... Read More

I will promote your product or services for $5.00 

I can promote your products or services on my blogs or social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, hundreds of social bookmarking sites etc. Read More

I will advertise your favorite web site for $7.00 for $7.00 

Very simply I will send 10,000 visitors to your favorite website. This will be accomplished by using different traffic xchanges. In addition I will place your banner on the web. You may or may not rec... Read More

I will rewrite your articles and rev pages for you for $6.00 

Since the English is such a complex one, I will gladly rewrite, edit and enhance your articles and rev pages for you. Read More

I will enhance any article and rev page for you for $6.00 

If English is your second language, I will gladly proofread, edit and enhance your articles, rev pages and ad campaigns for you. The English language can be a complex one for anyone not familiar wi... Read More

I will help pay your way in for $6.00 

*I will pay your way in to the One X/Q L Xchange program. *I will chat with you, advise you, guide you through the program. *I will encourage you to listen in on the conference calls and/or partic... Read More

I will finding profitable investments online for $5.00 

I will search and list of online investment opportunities that offer high return on investments. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, beach resorts, plants, business offices, fitness centers, medical fa... Read More