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APSense New Upgrade in Nov 8th

by Wincer Song Founder
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
New Group System (aka group 2.0)Supports public, private and paid group types.Supports group recommendationSupports group revpagesSupports group resourcesProfessional application for group creationGenerates salescopy for group automaticallyPaid subscription via Paypal, Alertpay (free-trial mode enabled)
Only VIP or Partner membership can create paid groups.
Support widgets for group. (twiiter, facebook page, rss, eZine)Supports multiple moderators in one group. (max 5 moderators)Supports RSS Feed for public group.
All existing groups are required to reactivate.
Main site featuresSupports tagging blogsAdded the feature "My Status", tell others what you are doing right now.
Move "Change password" out of "Update Profile"Improvement on Register Page.Displays username in the earning report.Improvement on the frontpage after you log in APSense.Replaced some creation buttons with a single button "Quick Start".Added event filter.
(You will not see events come from the service you have not installed)
Fixed BugsClear old referral cookies if you invite friend to join apsense.
Fixed bug on closing expired campaigns and  submissions.If you have any question or idea, please let us know.

Nov 7th 2010 12:27

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Chukwuekwu Okonta Professional   Forensic accountant
Thanks for this info.
Nov 8th 2010 14:02   
Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Thanks for the excellent information and for fast progress of service
Nov 9th 2010 02:26   
Nick Grimshawe Senior   Personal Development Coach
Thanks for the update info. Looking forward to Apsense being even better now.
Nov 9th 2010 12:45   
Abraham Van der Linde Committed   Online Entrepreneur
Thanks for the update. I like the new look.
Nov 9th 2010 23:50   
Courtney Lawrence Senior   Alternative Income Specialist
Thanks for the information on the new upgrade.
Nov 13th 2010 09:07   
Judy Narum Junior  
Sounds good, looking forward to learning more.
Jan 5th 2011 21:46   
Courtney Lawrence Senior   Alternative Income Specialist
Very Nice webpage
Jan 17th 2011 06:34   
Dedi Sudiawan Committed   Teacher
Feb 3rd 2011 04:21   
Dedi Sudiawan Committed   Teacher
Feb 3rd 2011 04:22   
Vladimir Lugansky Senior   Forex Trade
Thanks for the information
Feb 7th 2011 06:46   
John Nelson Senior   Friends are more valuable than GOLD!
Questions ans answers
Feb 8th 2011 10:50   
Aris Surendra Advanced   
Its a good site
Mar 10th 2011 05:49   
Genome Senior   
Hello Wincer. There should be an Integrated mechanism for paying at apsense for any service from the cash available in our account (apsense account)
Mar 13th 2011 01:28   
Clemente Difonzo Senior   privato
thanks for your info, very interesting. thanks
Mar 13th 2011 04:24   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."  - Jimi Hendrix

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