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APSense New Upgrade in Nov 8th

by Wincer Song Founder
Wincer Song Magnate II Deluxe Founder
New Group System (aka group 2.0)Supports public, private and paid group types.Supports group recommendationSupports group revpagesSupports group resourcesProfessional application for group creationGenerates salescopy for group automaticallyPaid subscription via Paypal, Alertpay (free-trial mode enabled)
Only VIP or Partner membership can create paid groups.
Support widgets for group. (twiiter, facebook page, rss, eZine)Supports multiple moderators in one group. (max 5 moderators)Supports RSS Feed for public group.
All existing groups are required to reactivate.
Main site featuresSupports tagging blogsAdded the feature "My Status", tell others what you are doing right now.
Move "Change password" out of "Update Profile"Improvement on Register Page.Displays username in the earning report.Improvement on the frontpage after you log in APSense.Replaced some creation buttons with a single button "Quick Start".Added event filter.
(You will not see events come from the service you have not installed)
Fixed BugsClear old referral cookies if you invite friend to join apsense.
Fixed bug on closing expired campaigns and  submissions.If you have any question or idea, please let us know.

Nov 7th 2010 12:27

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Branislav Malogajski Senior   
Nov 7th 2010 15:46   
Pat Carr Committed   Music Recording and Publishing, Network Marketing
Thanks for the info and all your work to improve the site.
Nov 7th 2010 16:05   
Miro Kovacevic Advanced   electronic
Very very good site..............................................................
Nov 7th 2010 16:05   
Yonatan Kra Professional   Online Marketer
Really cool features. I believe most people will find them useful.
Nov 7th 2010 16:17   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
so this is so recent that what I found today with one group of mine ... and had to reactivate it... wasn't just from my being here recently! This is good to know.

Thanks Wincer!

Nov 7th 2010 16:38   
Beth Schmillen Professional   
Hi Wincer ~ I upgraded or activated one group already. Nice feature, twitter and ezine with the group! thanks, Beth
Nov 7th 2010 16:39   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Now, how many thousands of dollars a month will I charge for the best group at ApSense that I will create ? :)

No, no, I'm not greedy at all.
Nov 7th 2010 16:40   
Nabreska D. Committed   Internet Marketer and Web Developer
These are important things we all need to do but we don't always do what we have to do
Nov 7th 2010 16:47   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
great job Wincer. Thanks a lot
Nov 7th 2010 16:54   
Tony Dy Senior   networker
excellent well done all great compliments
Nov 7th 2010 17:22   
Ryan Ives Austria Advanced   Audio Video Engineer
This is a really great upgrade. This is really great. Thanks for sharing it.
Nov 7th 2010 17:30   
Dariusz Baluszek Advanced  darbam
this website is very good
Nov 7th 2010 18:53   
Selya Rollins Professional   Creative Imagery
Looks good, sounds like more is in store for the members.
Nov 7th 2010 20:56   
Pete Balasch Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer Pod caster
Great Wincer Ill Do that
Nov 7th 2010 21:34   
Sherry Emma Simpson Committed   Smart Entrepreneur
Exploring the new features on the homepage. Apsense now have a better look and very exciting too!
Nov 8th 2010 02:46   
RIMA BAKRAN Committed   Housewife
This sound great and it is going to be a great feature comming soon! It would be glad try it out!!!!
Nov 8th 2010 03:42   
Courtney Lawrence Senior   Alternative Income Specialist
Thank you so much for this information. It's all seems like a lot of info to process, so I am sure I will need the help. Thanks
Nov 8th 2010 06:39   
Marvin Whitehead Jr. Magnate I   Internet Marketer
Wincer,thanks very much for new Group update keep up the great work..
Nov 8th 2010 08:03   
Cindy Schlattmann Senior   Baker
Always great to see new improvement to the site. Will only get better and better.
Nov 8th 2010 13:53   
Deb Kwek Senior   Debs Great Finds And Deals
Thanks for sharing this info!
Nov 8th 2010 13:57   
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