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My solution to the Kooday Disaster

by Paula van Dun Retired
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Like many I also fell for Kooday and became a member of Kooday some months ago.


No much time later, due the reactions to my article "Is the dream of Kooday going to turn in a nightmare?" I came to the conclusion that joining Kooday was not one of my brightest ideas. By that time I had already invested about $ 300.

Since I found out I stopped promoting Kooday.    

If you want more info about why Kooday is a bad idea I suggest to read this dicussion


By that time the PayPal alerts were frozen and they switched to AlertPay. At that time I could have asked a full refund but I did not, I took a calculated risk. I did cancel the ad subscribtions I had ordered and Kooday did pay that back.


I reinvested earnings on the paypal account until the Alertpay was in the plus.

At this point I request payout from AlertPay as soon as there are a few dollars on it. Sofat I have regained 10 dollars.


I still expect Kooday to go down but this wont be tomorrow or next week, I think.


Now the turned their crawlers on. I am now linking al my 285 keywords to my own sites and clickbank url's. I do not know if I will earn my $ 300 dollar back before Kooday is finished but at least I can gain some traffic.


I tried some searches and my sites turn up for the strangest querries.

If you like the idea of linking your site to a keyword you can do that too on
Link your Keyword. You pay a one time fee and you can keep your keyword for one or three years.







Oct 29th 2010 09:05

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Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
Paula it looked good on paper. But the question everyone should have asked was buried under the "own the keyword" hype. Kooday is a business totally driven by the end product users (Consumers). The question everyone should have asked was "Will Kooday be able to draw the consumer base needed to draw the advertisers?" The second question should have been "What are they doing putting this within reach of consumers when it does not function properly?"
So I tried it again the webcrawlers are turned on etc (I was being fair and giving them another chance) and the same biz op directory came back.

Like I have said time and time again-I have no dog in the Kooiii/Kooday fight. I am an end product user. I don't have any reason to tear down or build up either one. I have no investment in either one. What I did was give the feedback of a consumer and the Koodayers jumped all over me for stating an opinion of their so called service I even had one question my intelligence in effect implying that consumers confronted with garbage are not going to see it as garbage.

I don't think this is going to even get off the ground although like a chicken with it's head cut off it will continue to flop around on the ground for a while. Because Kooday does not do what the consumers need it to do.
Oct 29th 2010 09:20   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Paula, that thread is very good. You talk about things that happened in your experience with Kooday. I do sincerely hope that other Kooday members will come to tell us about their own experiences with Kooday, without comparison to other search engines, Alexa rankings, name calling or false statements. Thank you Paula.
Oct 29th 2010 09:21   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
Well i certainly learned my lesson with Kooday. I am no longer a newbie and since i have read a lot and put a big questionmark behind any opportnity before joining the same thing won't happen to me so fast anymore. But at least something good came out of it. Through the article above I came in contact with Dave Gilbert and Andy Anderson. This contact lead to APSense and here I found lots of good people giving good information and warnings. So in this regard the 300 dollars were well spent.
Oct 29th 2010 09:32   
Cheryl Baumgartner Professional   Medical Billing/Coding/Insurance
It's good to see you say that Paula. You learned a valuable lesson-do your due diligence on everything before joining. Hopefully you will not be alone in learning that lesson.
Oct 29th 2010 09:35   
Ginny Williams Committed   Affiliate and Network Marketing
Thanks for sharing this info with us and letting us know what is going on, cause I had no idea.
Oct 29th 2010 10:19   
Chuck Bartok Professional   Veteran Entrepreneur now Sharing
The story is shared by Many Paula. When i started Beginners marketing Class several years the message from so many was..

"I wish I had Invested TIME and ENERGY into LEARNING Business skills BEFORE I opened my wallet"

I am always amazed why so few Internet Marketers want to follow SOLID Time Tested Systems, yet my Off-line Clients listen, apply the systems and are Richly Rewarded!
Oct 29th 2010 13:25   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
The answer lies in the Goldrush mentality people adopt when unscrupulous operators claim to have struck it rich using their new opportunity people flood in hoping to make the next big find and feed the hysteria by exaggerating any small gains they make, you need to learn how to distinguish between fools gold and real gold otherwise all you end up with is a bag of useless dust.
Oct 29th 2010 17:06   
Paula van Dun Magnate II   Retired
@Dave Yes, I am learning how to distinguish fast thanks to you, Andy and many new friends on Faceplate. I understand you're talking about Goldrush. Despite all presented facts about Kooday and the profitshare scams people keep promoting it.
Oct 29th 2010 17:20   
Dave Gilbert Senior   Web Entreprenuer
with regards Kooday i think our concerns have been well founded despite claims of members cashing out $25,000 etc (though i believe both paypal and alertpay capped member witdrawals as part of their protection policy so large amounts as suggested could not occur)these are probably exaggerated by uplines to encourage downlines to spend more, Kooday isn't really interested in the small members though it was and is after the big investors those wanting to buy into a piece of the pie for millions of dollars on the premise that Kooday had the technology to beat Google well we have all seen that technology in action now and i think we are all agreed it is nowhere near what has been promised in fact i have seen better search engines using a $10 script we even gave away a better search script than they are using but that is not the point.
it all comes down to the old adage "If it sounds to good to be true it usually is"
Oct 29th 2010 18:36   
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