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Pros and cons of filesharing.

by Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson Advanced  
Although  personally am Pro.I will discuss the pros and the cons here.


-the speed to which you can download.   = as much of the bandwidth your isp can provide you.
- the # of simultaneous downloads = infinite
-types of downloads= music,movies,games,programs,apps,you name it it will show up in search.
-online tv,radio and a game channel
-download,save,play and burn from one place.but is compatible with itunes, realplayer and windows media player to just name a few.

You should always inspect all downloads with virus scanner before opening,where-ever they came from and by any means that used to download.


-the only cons i have is file verification[virus scan]this product is norton safe-web verified.

-download a couple different source files and inspect each to check for quality.
Sep 18th 2010 21:39


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