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Salad Recipes My Southwestern Cottage Cheese Salad - YouTube

by Matty Reid Vault it up
Matty Reid Freshman Vault it up
Cottage cheese salad recipes have become some of my favorite salad recipes for the summer and just about anytime of year. This weeks recipes is another take on the cottage cheese salad. This is my Southwestern Cottage Cheese Salad recipe! It's cooling and refreshing and loaded with flavors. If you like salads then you will love this recipe and it will become one of your favorite salad recipes to! Please visit my blog @ Today!
Jun 22nd 2016 16:11

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Petko Kishev Professional  Folklor manager
Recommendation - BG recipe salad cottage cheese! Add pressed garlic, salt and red pepper powder and eat with pleasure on toast! Go with white wine! Have fun!
Aug 29th 2016 06:42   
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