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Which OS is better ios and android?

by Joseph Paul Technology
Joseph Paul Advanced Technology

Jan 30th 2014 04:24


OnlineBusiness1 Professional  Online Business Shop Services
android apple is for rich people who can afford to pay for everything and dont mind paying for all there apps also android is better in many ways, if your dumb and non technical get a iphone if your a techy get a android phone
Jan 30th 2014 04:33   
Panasonic India Senior  Panasonic India
Android is better for mobile.
Jan 30th 2014 05:00   
Deb M. Senior   PTC clicker
andriod is alot better for phones
Jan 30th 2014 05:40   
Jeremy Moore Committed  Owner of The PC Repair Shop
I like both IOS and Android, but I feel that Android has a lot more free applications available that are great quality. When I think of IOS and Android, and which one is my favorite, Android is definitely my pick.
Feb 1st 2014 03:26   
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