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Manifestation Magic

Manifestation Magic helps a lot to change life. Read More

Online Yoga Teacher Training-RYT300

Want to be an expert yoga trainer?????...!!! Join D'vine Yoga Online classes and teacher training programs for best... Read More


D'vine Yoga provides ONLINE YOGA MEDITATION PRANAYAMA WORKSHOP every other week each month. Read More

D'VINE YOGA- Yoga in Rishikesh

By sharing the knowledge on how to live a blissful life, we seek to raise the health & happiness of the general... Read More

Meditation & Yoga Retreat in India

Imagine a week on the spiritual city Rishikesh The world capital of Yoga. Live and breathe yoga on a Rishikesh yoga... Read More

Yoga Training

At Sharada Yoga Peeth they offer different type of yoga courses which are 100, 200, 300 and 500-hour yoga training... Read More

Antique True Tibetan108 Beads Bodhi Seed Mala

These one-of-a-kind traditional bodhi seed malas were purchased directly from a monastery in Nepal. They have been a... Read More

108 Beads prayer Mala

The Sanskrit word "mala" means "garland." A mala is a string of beads used to count repetitions... Read More

Zero Point Clearing Meditation

Learn to clear Any Negative Emotions, Belief, Addictions or Blocks In Minutes! Read More

Meditation for peace-Hand Hammered singing bowl

Singing Bowls also known as meditation chakra bowls, healing singing bowls or himalayan singing bowls had been widely... Read More

Why I Practice Zen

Zen is a matter of focus. Through zazen (Zen meditation), anyone who follows the Way of Zen can spontaneously develop... Read More

Empowered Mind

Try This Number 1 Secret To Manifest What You Desire and Empower Your Mind With These Videos. Read More

Meditations that will make you RICH

Who doesn't want to be rich? With these 5 meditations you can help attract money into your life. Read More

Enlightened Manifesting

These enlightening e-books contain over 350+ pages of life shifting information, 21 manifesting meditations, 12... Read More

Psychotronic Thought Amplifyer

The Amazing New Mind Machine, also called Psychotronic Device is a Thought Amplifier, that works on Scientific... Read More

Hey Human Wakes up Know Thyself !

What is actual LOVE ? Who is GOD ? Explanation of most used words ! Who must be the complete true spiritual master... Read More


No sales pitch here, only spreading awareness on how Yoga can improve you mentally, physically and spiritually.... Read More

Genie of the Lamp/Talisman amulet

The Genie of the lamp is not just an Arabian fiery tales it is rather a lamp that actually exist beyond the... Read More

The Prosperity Blueprint

Join Me On A Journey Into The Innermost Workings Of Your Mind, And Escape The Financial Deathtrap Holding Back 95% Of... Read More