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Double-Disc Wheat Seeder

Whirlston Double-disc wheat seeder is a multifunctional planter, which completes leveling the land, ditching, sowing,... Read More

Tilling and Fertilizing Corn Seeder

Whirlston Rotary Tilling and Fertilizing Corn Seeder can complete the processes of loosing soil, ditching,... Read More

Walking Type Rice Transplanter

Whirlston walking-type rice transplanter is special designed for small scale rice planting. It adopts multiple... Read More

Gasoline Olive/Nut Harvester

Compared with electric olive harvester, Whirlston Gasoline Olive Harvester is more convenient when electricity is not... Read More

Corn Silage Combine Harvester

Whirlston Corn Silage Combine Harvester is special designed for harvesting the corn straws, combining these steps of... Read More

Whirlston 4YB-3 Corn Combine Harves

Whirlston 4YB-3(4) Corn Combine Harvester is well known for its three systems, that is, unique reel initiative... Read More

4YB-2 Corn Combine Harvester

Whirlston 4YB-2 Corn Combine Harvester, matched with small four-wheel tractor, is equipped with 15kw single cyclinder... Read More

Whirlston 4WR-140 Reaper-Binder

Whirlston 4WR-140 Reaper-binder is used for cutting small grain crops and tying the stems into a certain size of... Read More

Whirlston Mini Sesame/Reed Harvest

Whirlston sesame/reed harvester or swather is a walk type self-propelled mini harvester with 7hp diesel engine or... Read More

Whirlston Corn Combine Harvester

Whirlston Corn Combine Harvester is a self-propelled multifunctional corn harvesting machine. Equipped with 5.7m... Read More

Whirlston Rice/Wheat Reaper-binder

Reaper-binder is used for cutting small grain crops and tying the stems into a certain size of bundles or sheaves... Read More