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7 Chakras bracelet Healing

7 Chakras bracelet Healing Balance Beaded Wrist Prayer Stones Bracelets Yoga Read More

Pearl Expressions Collection by Shop LC

Pearl jewelry signifies class, elegance, and sophistication. Perfect for every occasion, the persona of pearl never... Read More

Garnet beads bracelets sheep pendan

Genuine garnet sterling silver sheep charm bracelets, gemstone silver jewelry Read More

Blue jade sterling silver bracelet

Mashan jade bracelets in sterling silver, aqua blue gemstone bracelets, bracelet for girl Read More

Blue sandstone bell bracelets

Blue Glidstone beaded bracelets blue sandstone gemstone bracelets bracelets wholesale Read More

Blue sandstone beaded bracelets

Blue sandstone bracelets - beaded bracelets - women gemstone bracelets stretchy bracelet Read More

Glidstone goldstone beaded bracelet

Goldstone glidstone bracelets, quartzite jewelry, gemstone stretchy power bracelets Read More

Blue sandstone bracelets

Blue sandstone bracelets, blue goldstone bracelets, gemstone bracelets, Jewelry for her Read More

Ivory pearl sterlingsilver bracelet

Sterling silver beads ivory pearl bracelet natural freshwater pearl wedding jewelry Read More

white tridacna calm shell bracelets

White tridacna bracelets in sterling silver, Fish charm gemstone bracelets, calm shell Read More

Sterling charm garnet bracelet

925 sterling silver charm garnet bracelets, stacking bracelets, burgundy gemstone bracelet Read More

sterling silver red agate bracelets

925 sterling silver elephant charm red agate bracelets 3 strand gemstone bracelets Read More

sterlingsilver rose quartz bracelet

Sterling silver key charm rose quartz bracelets pink gemstone jewelry double wrap bracelet Read More

Smokey Quartz bracelets

Smokey Quartz Brown quartz money bag charm gemstone bracelets Read More

Strawberry quartz bracelets

Strawberry quartz bracelets, rare gemstone bracelets Read More

2 strand Strawberry quartz bracelet

Natural strawberry quartz beaded bracelets, double layer gem bracelets. Strawberry quartz jewelry. Genuine strawberry... Read More

Tiger eye stretchy bracelet

Beaded Tiger eye Stretch Bracelets, man gemstone bracelets Read More

Tiger eye Pixiu bracelets

Tiger eye bracelets, gemstone Pi xiu bracelets, inspiration bracelets Read More

Watermelon tourmaline bracelets

6mm Watermelon tourmaline bracelets, green-red gemstone bracelets stretch bracelets Read More

Watermelon tourmaline bracelet

Watermelon tourmaline jewelry, layering bracelets, beads gemstone bracelets Read More

Tourmaline beaded bracelets

Tourmaline beaded bracelets, October birthstone, multicolor gemstone bracelets Read More

Rose quartz bracelet sterling silve

Rose quartz bracelet in sterling silver, pink gemstone silver bracelets Read More

Lapis lazuli charm bracelets

Lapis lazuli lucky cat charm gemstone bracelets, prayer beads Read More

Rose quartz bracelets in sterling s

Madagascar rose quartz bracelets in sterling silver, gemstone silver bracelets, Rutilated Read More

strawberry quartz bracelet silver

5A strawberry quartz bracelet in 925 sterling silver, silver and gemstone bracelets Read More

Carnelian bracelets sterling silver

Carnelian bracelets in sterling silver, multi wrap bracelets, garnet cherry charm bracelet Read More

Chrysoprase bracelet,green gemstone

Chrysoprase bracelet-green gemstone bracelets Read More

Purple chalcedony stack Bracelets

Purple chalcedony Bracelets, quartzite bracelets, multi wrap bracelets, stackable bracelet Read More

Blue chalcedony bracelet

Blue chalcedony bracelet agate gemstone bracelets beaded bracelets March birthstone Read More

White chalcedony pink opal bracelet

White chalcedony pink opal bracelets, gemstone bracelets, teen girls bracelet, lock charm Read More

Aventurine bracelets, Dongling jade

Aventurine beaded bracelets, Dongling jade bracelets, green quartzite jewelry Read More

Blue chalcedony bracelet, gemstone

Blue chalcedony bracelet, gemstone beaded bracelets, quartzite jewelry, brave bracelets Read More

Green chalcedony bracelets

Green chalcedony bracelets, chrysoprase beaded bracelet, fish play lotus quartzite jewelry Read More

Aventurine beaded bracelets

Aventurine beaded bracelets, green gemstone bracelets, multi strand layering bracelets Read More

Tridacna calm shell bracelets

White Tridacna beaded bracelets, calm shell bracelets, white gemstone jewelry Read More

White tridacna shell bracelets

White tridacna shell bracelets, pink chalcedony beads bracelets, white gemstone bracelet Read More

Carnelian bracelets pony charm

Red agate pony charm bracelets, gemstone beaded bracelets, carnelian stretch bracelet Read More

Red agate kissing fish bracelet

Red agate bracelets, kissing fish beads charm gemstone bracelet Read More

Red agate double wrap bracelets

Red agate bracelet-stretch beaded bracelets-agate gemstone jewelry Read More

Red Agate stretch bracelets

Red Agate stretch bracelets, carnelian gemstone bracelets, lock beads charm bracelets Read More

Red agate apple charm bracelets

10mm red agate apple charm bracelets, gemstone beaded bracelets Read More

Carnelian gemstone bracelets clover

8mm red agate bracelets, carnelian gemstone stretch bracelets Read More

Red agate charm bracelets

8mm red agate beaded bracelets, gemstone bracelets, horse and coin charm bracelets Read More

Carnelian bracelets w/ ring charm

Carnelian ring charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, gemstone stretchy bracelets Read More

Rose quartz Bracelets opal charm

Rose quartz Bracelets opal charm gemstone bracelets healing jewelry Read More

Rose quartz bracelets fox charm

Rose quartz bracelets, fox charm gemstone bracelets, rose quartz jewelry Read More

Rose quartz bracelets kitty charm

Rose quartz bracelet, Hello Kitty charm gemstone beads bracelets, stretch bracelets Read More

Pink rose quartz bracelets

Pink rose quartz bracelets, flat oval gemstone beaded bracelets, Aquarius luck stone Read More

Multi wrap rose quartz bracelets

Rose quartz camellia charm bracelets, multi wrap pink gemstone bracelets Read More

12mm rose quartz beaded bracelets

12mm rose quartz beaded bracelets, pink gemstone bracelets, crystal jewelry Read More