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Which is the best smartphone Operating System?

23 answer(s).

Which is the best antivirus?

Best AntiVirus Software 2013
45 answer(s).

Which is the best website for downloading pc softwares?

19 answer(s).

Which is The Best Photo Editing Software ?

1) Photoshop............. 2) Gimp.......... 3) Picasa.......... 4) Paint.NET........... 5) Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011......,, 6) ImageForge.............
29 answer(s).

Someone tell me virus hidden my file and folder ?

what i do how to show my files and folders ?
25 answer(s).

What is your favorite app in your mobile phone?

14 answer(s).

What are the must have softwares?

what are the softwares do you think every everyone should have?
7 answer(s).

Have you tried windows 8 yet?

Have you tried windows 8? I just bought a brand new windows 8 touchscreen laptop so I think its safe for me to say I love windows and it helps me be a LOT more productive in my day to day work. Wha...
18 answer(s).

What is the best operating system in 2013?

window8 window7 windows linux
26 answer(s).

Do you use open source software?

I love open source softwares. I get to test drive products for free, for as long as I want until I am ready to commit. I am able to customize my software to my needs and eliminate all the unnecessar...
15 answer(s).