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Can we use /index url in sitemap?

can we use /index url in sitemap.xml?
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Which Antivirus is best for Mac?

I want install best antivirus in my Mac, please tell me which antivirus is best for me.
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I am Facing Google 404 Cache Error on website again and again, How resolve it?

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How to Fix Google WMT/search console showing thousands of links in "Internal Links" ?

One of our Website has been interlinked with thousands of internal links as per search console.
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How do I contact support here?

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Which company's headphone is good, Please Suggest?

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How do i publish an article on here with a dofollw backlink?

i see some posts with dofollow backlinks and others without. whats the secret
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How SEO Is Important for Website?

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E-commerce Development by Magento?

How is Magento Better for Development and Designing of an E-commerce Based Store?
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Which the best and lowest price Web Hosting Site?

Web Hosting
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