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What is the difference between yahoo and Google search engines ?

16 answer(s).

What you are using - iPhone or Android?

Hi Friend.. You are currently using iPhone or Android Smart Phones?
32 answer(s).

Which is the best smartphone in 2013 ?

Time to take a tour of a handful of the best Android smartphones currently available on the market.
26 answer(s).

Do you own a tablet, is it android, is it ipad, is it windows?

If you don't own one that is of course fine also, just trying to find what the majority use... not based on some stat from some company :)
9 answer(s).

Which place in India you like most...?

16 answer(s).

Android vs windows? which is your choice?

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the choice can be bewildering.
12 answer(s).

Hey guys anyone using iPhone 5! What are the new features of iPhone 5 plz tell?

I am planing to buy a new phone but i am not able to decide which one to buy iphone5 or Samsung S3 .
30 answer(s).

Your compnay mobile do you have?

Samsung? Apple? Nokia? BlackBerry? Spice? MicroMax? Lava? Karbonn? China made? Maxx? Zen? Any other?
16 answer(s).

How Can We Repair Corrupt Zip Files?

6 answer(s).

On what date was the debut of the first IBM Personal Computer?

A. August 12, 1981 B. January 21, 1979 C. August 21, 1980 D. January 12, 1982
7 answer(s).