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Which place in India you like most...?

16 answer(s).

Android vs windows? which is your choice?

If you are in the market for a new smartphone, the choice can be bewildering.
12 answer(s).

Hey guys anyone using iPhone 5! What are the new features of iPhone 5 plz tell?

I am planing to buy a new phone but i am not able to decide which one to buy iphone5 or Samsung S3 .
30 answer(s).

Your compnay mobile do you have?

Samsung? Apple? Nokia? BlackBerry? Spice? MicroMax? Lava? Karbonn? China made? Maxx? Zen? Any other?
16 answer(s).

How Can We Repair Corrupt Zip Files?

6 answer(s).

On what date was the debut of the first IBM Personal Computer?

A. August 12, 1981 B. January 21, 1979 C. August 21, 1980 D. January 12, 1982
6 answer(s).

How May People Know About Squidoo???

You have Squidoo Account.......
25 answer(s).

How do I get the APSense share button to show on pages on a Wordpress blog?

I have used the shortcode [apsense] but for some reason I can't get the button to show. Does anyone have an answer to this?
23 answer(s).

The Internet was developed in the...?

A. Early 1990s B. Late 1980s C. Early 1970s D. Late 1960s
10 answer(s).

Which phone you like the most?

Which is you favorite phone? (1) Apple iPhone (2) Android Phone (3) BlackBerry (4) Windows Phone
12 answer(s).