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You accepts the Gospel?

you accepts the Gospel link to God
22 answer(s).

Is human Resemble God's Image?

I have been listening from various readers that Human are the true Images of God that is why he wishes human to act alike. He wishes that all human men and women follow the path of truth honour and Ho...
12 answer(s).

What happens when death comes?

How do we die?
45 answer(s).

Salat is the most important pillar of islam, why different regions pray differently?

7 answer(s).

What is the definition of God?

62 answer(s).

What do you think about jokes from the pulpit? Neat? Out of place? Or . . .?

13 answer(s).

Is reincarnation real?

23 answer(s).

Where Is God? I can't Fine The True God in My Mine?

33 answer(s).