What is the reason that we as human beings are existing?

Asked by Vps Malhotra, in Spirituality
God Created the earth and universe but no one knows why could we discuss


And anyway, this is a question that science excludes from its domain because its mission is to focus on the chain of causes, so the how and not the
May 29th 2014 10:18   
Sushmita Kumari Advanced   jyotishsamrat
it science base qustion not any link in speriatual though and thinks. any hope that your are search right person on this qustion.
Jun 2nd 2014 00:44   
Linda Blackwell Advanced   Home Business Consultant, Affiliate Marketer
Just because God wanted us to be. He is very creative and we inherit His creativity. This question is no different than if you sat down and decided to "create" a cake. Why, just because you wanted to. Although your purpose may be for eating, you could have bought the cake instead of "create" it! He created angels which included cherubs and seraphs (who happily served God's purpose in different ways) and maybe other creatures in expansive Heaven. Why not add another family, a human family to his creation?
Jun 2nd 2014 09:01   
Mary H. Senior  Social Network Marketer
We exist because God created us. But in that creation, humans were to build a better world, to love each other, help each other. Instead Humans are the worst animal that exist on this Earth. Humans were created to be the superior being, yet inferiority reigns supreme everyday.
Jun 2nd 2014 13:34   
Linda Blackwell Advanced   Home Business Consultant, Affiliate Marketer
I agree with you Mary 100%. I didn't go where you went because the original question was What is the REASON why we humans are existing and I left it at that. Girl, if I went where you are talking about I would be typing for days!!
Jun 2nd 2014 14:16   
Roshonda T. Junior  Online Money Maker
God created us to serve him and in doing so he gave us a choice to serve or not to serve. Bottom line we exist because he wanted us to be here.
Jun 8th 2014 00:51   
Georges Van den Brande Committed   Internet Marketer
You can turn on God as creator of all that exists, but it is primarily a science based question and I doubt whether we will ever be able to solve this mystery. So let's leave it up to the creator HE knows what is best for us.
Jul 15th 2014 10:07   
Percival Taylor Advanced  Entrepreneur
because God created us to live forever and we are awaiting the time when he will destroy all wikedness on earth and then we will live in peace and unity with each other Ps.37:10,11,29
Aug 7th 2014 03:42   
Allcheckdeals Webmaster Senior   Webmaster
We exists because god created us..............
Aug 23rd 2014 02:28   
Vps Malhotra Magnate II   Free Lancer
Oh it is a fallacy like to me..why god created us hat for? and so many anumate and in anumate things in this universe..??? this means GOD does not exist hhhhhh how do u know that ter is D GOD? Is there a GOD hhhhhhh ??? are u sure??? hhhh??/ how??// THERE IS NO GOD hhhhh
Aug 23rd 2014 04:09   
Donovan Barrett Jr Advanced   Entrepreneur
Because we are meant to come together and help one another to evolve this planet into "heaven on earth" ultimately enlightening ourselves to our true nature as the children of god
Aug 25th 2014 18:10   
Bodo M. Senior   Internet Marketing, Training, Mentor
There is only one God and we were created in his image and as a free will being. to show Him that we are His by returning his Love for us. In order to get to know God, you want to develop a personal relationship with him. Religion for the most part is a system of man and has nothing whatsoever to do with God. I would rather say, it serves the anti god. That is why true God respecting people are hated.
Aug 28th 2014 13:19   
Donovan Barrett Jr Advanced   Entrepreneur
The true "religion" Is spirituality
Aug 28th 2014 21:10   
Heston Hashima Junior  Blogger, Husband, Father, Human Resource Manager
There is no clear explanation why we, human exist. We may think of many reason why we're here. For me, we exist for a certain reason. For now, you may not know the reason why you exist. However, you'll find out as you journey towards the end of our existence.
Sep 8th 2014 00:14   
Maricel J. Innovator  Consultant
The reason of man's existence is that man may be filled with God to express God and represent Him. Man is a vessel to contain God. God is man's satisfaction. God should be man's unique content. Only when man is filled with God as His content can he live a life full of meaning and satisfaction.
Sep 22nd 2014 05:15   
WBJ Ministry Advanced  Ordained Minister
When he made the world it was void. So,he made man and woman to procreate and inhabit the earth to bring forth an existence to each other.
Sep 22nd 2014 18:22   
Dieu nous a crée pour lui et être à lui
Oct 24th 2014 03:56   
CW Johnson Committed   The Content Distribution Model
Humans are the stewards of the earth. We are supposed to help the earth flourish but instead we are destroying it.
Oct 26th 2014 22:33   
ivan simeonov Tycoon I   marketer
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Nov 6th 2014 06:31   
Abdou Sani Boukari Magnate II   Consultant
Human beings obviously exist because they manifest themselves to other human beings: Among other attributes, human beings have mass and appearance that can be measured and observed, both by subjective, physiological means and by objective, scientific standards: Human beings exist.
Nov 28th 2014 08:27   
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