What are your thoughts about advertising that pays you back with interest every day?

Asked by Ted Williams, in Business

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That it's a good advertisement
Oct 24th 2022 10:35   
Jason Descheneaux Magnate II
They don't last, trust me! I know!
Oct 25th 2022 08:30   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
What are your thoughts about advertising that pays you back with interest every day? I like them
Oct 25th 2022 08:53   
Emma Mia Advanced  HMS USA LLC Medical Billing Company
I think it's a great idea! It not only incentivizes people to shop, but it also encourages them to spend their money wisely. Plus, it's a convenient way to earn some extra cash without having to do anything extra.
Oct 25th 2022 13:56   
Andy Barnes Innovator  Kaizen: Continual Improvement
These used to be called HYIP ( High Yield Interest Programs) and were banned on almost all traffic exchanges and viral mailers because they are simply unsustainable.
The income comes from the fees paid by new or recurring member fees. People rarely buy new advertising packages on these sites other than as part of their membership fees for the ability to earn income. Officially, these 'fees' buy them advertising as it is illegal to charge a fee simply for inclusion in a program. The fee must be actuallly purchasing something tangible. In some programs of this nature, people can 'invest' more than the basic fee to increase their 'yield' or share of profits.
The point is, the only money these programs make is from others who join in order to also make money. This is the definition of a pyramid scheme. It is cleverly disguised by offering returns on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as an 'interest' % but in essnce they are still the same as the old matrix style pyramid scheme and are just as unsustainable as at some point the number of new members required to keep paying the 'interest' will dry up and all the money you have 'invested' WILL disappear along with the company and it's owners.
Most are now confusing folk further by using crypto instead of fiat currencies. This is because crypto is unregulated and it further obscures the true nature of the schemes. Many people think that because it is crypto-based, it will somehow magically increase the value of their investment on it's own. The opposite is true as almost all crypto-currencies are losing value more quickly than ever in their history. Even worse, many of the progrms are using an obscure and valueless crypto token or even their own token that has absolutely no value, so your $ or BTC buys some xxxx token that has no value and that can't be traded anywhere.
Oct 28th 2022 03:41   
Abi D. Senior  Marketing
I haven't try it. We need to try it first.
Oct 30th 2022 07:19   
Manisha Singh Freshman  Digital Marketing
i did not tried this. first i will try it.
Nov 1st 2022 06:14   
Kadir K. Innovator  All In One HVAC Industry Guide
For ads. The strategy applied must be targeted
Nov 5th 2022 03:47   
Awesome POWER Duplication Professional   VIRTUAL Employment INDUSTRY
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Nov 20th 2022 12:29   
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