What are the advantages of Meditation?

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Floyd F. Senior  Spiritual-Religious-IM- Consultant
There are many advantages to meditation... It would help to know what discipline you are applying this technique (Religious, Yoga, Exercise, etc.)

Nevertheless, meditation is a very excellent way to try and quiet the mind. The mind is very busy indeed both the conscious and subconscious mind.

It is said that the subconscious mind controls something like 90-99% of our lives. However to experience the subconscious, you need to enter into the Beta or Theta states of consciousness... Meditation is how you can do this.

A good way for beginners to practice meditation is to Step A. 1. Find a comfortable place to be. 2. There must be quiet (no kids playing, no phones ringing, no TV's Computers or Loud noises (the quieter, the better). 3. Begin by Trying Not To Think Of Anything - Just listen. You will discover just how busy the mind is. You will preferably do this exercise with the eyes closed.

There are basically two ways to approach meditation, with the eyes open or with the eyes closed (see above) Step B. 1. Begin your meditation with the same criteria as above but this time you will sit quietly with the eyes open. 2. Try to find something to focus on that's in front of you and could hold your attention (You could get a blank sheet of paper and put a quarter size black dot on it, to use as your focal point) 3. Just sit quietly, stare at the dot (only) and try not to think of anything.

FYI: It is best to begin these exercises in a comfortable sitting position vs. lying down. You will eventually enter into the beta or theta states (optimally) but if you are lying down, it will be too easy to fall asleep, thereby, zooming pass the other states.
The four states are Alpha (awake), Beta, Theta, Delta (asleep).

Some Of The Other Advantages:
1. Get to know yourself better and intimately.
2. Able to access the Sub-Conscious Mind in order to effect your daily life (You do this by programming the Subconscious with your reasonable desires while in the Theta and also Beta states).
3. Have better rest and sleep.
4. Have OBEs (Out Of Body Experiences)
5. Fantastic Dreams
6. Soul Searching
7. Discover Answers to Problems

There are many benefits, to say the least!
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Arjun R. Committed  Web Designer/SEO,SEM,SMO,SMM
Meditation is the simple way to maintain life in a disciplinary manner. You also found Inner peace with a daily dose of "MEDITATION"
Jun 25th 2015 01:39   
Hawk eyes Advanced  Software
peace of mind and control over mind
Jul 10th 2015 01:45   
Brooke Chloe Advanced  Tech and Parental Control Expert
After meditation you became familiar to you.
Aug 18th 2015 09:39   
Deepak Khunt Senior   Owner weetech solution
Meditation Provide you both health and real joy (right of every human )
Feb 26th 2016 06:06   
Kalki Avatar Committed  Writer
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To meditate is to be available to you. That is to say, to ensure that the activity of the mind is quiet enough to allow us to observe our ways of being and acting as they really are, at the present moment, and accept simply, without wanting to transform, change them or judge them.
Mar 16th 2016 13:01   
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Vasko Konjevic Innovator  Internet marketing
Various large. In meditation, the inventor of peace inside yourself
Aug 26th 2016 22:00   
Petko Kishev Professional  Folklor manager
Meditation is a way to relax and stay with your thoughts! Up to you where your target - the world or yourself!
Oct 15th 2016 11:54   
Sundeep Kochar Junior  Celebrity Astrologer
Meditation is a highly effective technique that can help a lot in dealing with problems arising from the busy lifestyle we follow – anxiety, stress and illness. Most people are aware of the fact that meditation is a tool to achieve spiritual self-discovery, but did you know that astrology and meditation are intertwined concepts.
Jun 28th 2018 07:17   
Sunil Limaye Senior   MARKETER
doing meditation the mind gets focused. One feels inner peace .
Aug 23rd 2018 05:48   
Spirit Yoga Foundation Freshman  Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
Meditation will increase in your concentration, focus, calm, happiness, understand things, and more. You will realize after few days of meditating.
Sep 11th 2018 01:44   
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