Are you against Adult or 18+ content or not? Explain with Reasons?

Asked by Malik Shahzaib, in Society & News

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Amit Kumawat Advanced  Director at D Amies Technologies
18+ content cannot be removed from the web. Infact, 70% of the web is just porno. So there is no point of argument for whether we are against it or not. It is always going to be there. Plus, VPN will always be there.
All we can do is to make this adult industry ethical.
Apr 6th 2021 00:01   
Detective Training Innovator  Venus Institute Of Investigation Studies
yes I am against it because a person gets distracted from his path and invests his crucial time in unnecessary things which are useless in life ,. everything should be in proper amount then, the life is enjoyed only.
Apr 6th 2021 02:44   
Tyres S. Freshman  car tyres in Shrewsbury
I am totally against it.
Apr 6th 2021 03:57   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
It shouldn’t exist but it always will unfortunately
Apr 9th 2021 01:04   
Tidyboy Berlin Freshman  Marketer
It's all about the knowledge! and depend on who takes it as a positive or negative
Apr 9th 2021 02:43   
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