by Rob Frye
Join ZubieElite to start your own Waterfall of Wealth. What do you have to lose at a $33 membership with a future of $7400 residual.
Recommended Features
  • Complete teamwork within a forced matrix structure
  • It only takes to people to get into profit
  • Social media and marketing integration
  • Paid daily
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About Zubiie: Join Zubie for $33 dollars and earn a residual income of $7400 every single month - this is a 2x10 force filled matrix with no splitting boards. Your team stays with you -
Recommended Features

* Viral Inviter - makes doing an email blast a cinch
* Autoresponder
* Broadcaster
* 185 plus e-books that you can download - any and everything you can imagine from a-z
* Social Media tools, IM, Video Chat - there is just so much that zubie offers - it's a must to get on board

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Secrets To Being Paid $100 Daily, Right Into Your Alertpay Account

Top Leaders Will Show You Exactly How We Are Turning $33 Into $7400 Per Month, Paid Daily And How You Can Do The Same!

Have you been struggling? 2010 was a bad year for most of us so you are not alone. But out of the bad times, has been born a new era of home based business. Combining a simple system based on the matrix plan, with cutting edge technology to create a win, win situation for everyone

Zubie is a state-of-the-art 2 x 10 forced matrix where everyone gets a 'waterfall' of cash into their Alertpay accounts, often every single day! We have so many happy, excited people in our team. People who have never managed to earn a single cent online in their lives before are seeing their first cash payments within 24 hours... or LESS

I received an email about Zubie a few days ago and because it had such a low start up cost, I decided to give it a go. My inbox is full of emails from Zubie saying 'you got paid'. It's incredible! "Julie, Spain

This plan is created to give you cash immediately AND it's residual... meaning you get it all over again in 30 days time!! So if you earn an average of $100 per day this month, next month you will earn it all over again and MORE!

"I have been paid $30 in my first few hours, so I've got my joining fee back before I even know what this is really all about!" Christine Buresh, UK

In a perfect world, it takes 10 days to fill a 2x10 forced matrix, based on everyone referring two new members within 24 hours of joining. This is actually in theory a simple task, but in reality 60% of people take longer than 24 hours to refer two. Zubie has made it easy to fill your matrix with the waterfall of wealth - Zubie locates the next available position and fills it with spill, also you can point your url to drop to any username that you choose allowing you to truly help your team without giving up directs.

Earn Passively or aggressively it is up to you.

It takes years of study to get a job that would pay 7k a month - thats a career earning $85,000 per year - at you can do that in 10 days or less or 30 days or 90 days - it is your choice. The plan is in motion - are you going to jump on board with us.

Let's not forget "reality" we are not playing the lotto, we are working towards a better life with "us" in control of our destinies.

"Zubie is "the waterfall of wealth"! It's amazing that for just $33.00 every month this income that I have earned is coming back over and over every month, and it just keeps on coming. I know that whatever I make today, this week, this month, it will just keep on increasing. It's like a snowball, once it starts you can't stop it!" Steve B, New Mexico

Our Team System

We literally have THE POWER when it comes to filling up a matrix at LIGHTNING SPEED. Most teams just leave everything to chance and leave half the people out in the cold. Not everyone is able to immediately go and recruit two people, even with the best will in the world. This creates a problem because to earn the maximum from the 2 x 10 matrix, everyone must have two people below them. Sure, eventually it would fill up, but who wants to wait for EVENTUALLY?!

"We want to make $100 per day right NOW, how about YOU?"

Right let's get to the bottom line.. There are actually NO requirements to sponsor in order to earn money here and lots of people start getting paid before they've barely had a chance to log in and look around the system, BUT, if you've been around for any time at all, you will know that in order to have the wheels keep running and have everyone making money, everyone needs to do their bit!

With our team system, everyone does their bit, either directly or indirectly. If they cannot find two people to refer quickly, we step in with our constant flow of leads and sign ups. We have 100's of leads and hot prospects powering through our system on a constant basis, so nobody is ever stuck if they are struggling to refer two people.

This is all about TEAMWORK and together we all achieve a lot more!

Rob Frye

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