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Watermeter Data Logger DV-1
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Kenda DV-1 is a telemetry device for water meter that serves as a reader, processors, and manufacturers report the use of water at a water meter which consists of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and an application on the server. Kenda DV-1 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to read data from water meter and then send it to the application on the server through the GPRS network, to be stored and processed into a consolidated use. Servers that receive data from the RTU is stored in a data center connected to the internet network and online all the time. Therefore report the use of water from one meter of water that are monitored can be accessed anytime and anywhere semasih connected with Internet network.

Kenda device DV-1 Remote Terminal Units can be mounted on almost all brands and types of metered water used. A magnetic sensor is placed on the meter to be monitored. The addition of this sensor will not affect the value of the calibration / tera. The sensors detect the movement of the meter and record the volume of usage / volume of flow in any specified interval. Volume and value of meter data obtained are then sent to the server by the module GSM / GPRS mobile network in the RTU via the internet.
Report the use of DV-1 on the web is also equipped with maps to facilitate the monitoring and reporting.

Data already stored in the DV-1 Kenda Remote Terminal Unit can also be accessed by users in a way:

* The data on SD / MMC installed in the appliance
* Collecting data using kompueter / laptop via RS-232 serial channel
* Intake of long-distance data / telemetry via SMS

This tool is also equipped with an SMS service that will simplify the user when the tool is in operation. The SMS service includes:

* Request data and the latest status of the appliance
* Automatic Data Report, which is sending data periodically to the user with a specified time interval
* Early warning of the tool if there are problems such as excessive water consumption, a critical condition in catudaya, sensor error, cover open tool, etc.
* Changing the setting tool


* Ground Water Wells
* Industrial Instrumentation
* Water Subscribe
* Oil and Gas
* And others


* Measurement and recording (logging) and the volume of discharge water usage Telemetry system
o Sampling interval can be arranged starting from per second to per 99 hours
o Error Logs
* Add-On Magnetic Sensor
o bidirectional Sensing, capable of detecting the direction of rotation
o 2 Pulse / Rev
o Maximum 1-meter cable
* Internal GSM / GPRS Engine
o Tri-band GSM-GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz
o Embedded TCP / IP Protocol Stack
o GPRS Multi-slot class 10 / 8
o CSD up to 14.4 Kbps
o Voice, SMS, and Data
* Serial Port RS-232
* Shipping data automatically to users via SMS and email
* Setting and Control via RS-232 devices using DV1 Kenda Configurator, SMS
* Relay Contact Output for the facility from a remote pump control
* Warning / alerts via SMS and GPRS case:
o Daily Use excess, maximum use can be arranged
o Failur Power, Low Battery
o Sensor Error (broken or missing)
o Closing an open tool (anyone tries to open / disassemble the appliance)
* SD / MMC 1GB
* 2x16 LCD Display with backlight
* Sealed Lead Acid Backup Battery 12V 1.2 AH
* AC 220V power input, 5W max
* Cast aluminum water tight casing for outdoor environments, water-resistant packaging
* Dimensions: 160x120x220

Products : DV-1 Kenda Research ( Rp. 7.500.000 )
Bandung, Indonesia
Customer info: E-mail

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Watermeter telemetry system great product
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Good telemetry system
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