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by Gilberto Cintron Viral, Local, Social & Mobile Marketing Expert
Why would you want to shorten your url and promote a third party like, or when you could promote
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As a marketers, one of the biggest problems with the so-called url shortening sites is that they reap all the rewards for traffic you work to generate. They get high ranking in the search engines because every shortened url contains their url in it. For example or Sure the person clicking will get to your affiliate destination, but are you keeping the traffic? Are you creating buzz about your website or are you doing all the work (you still have to promote the shortened url) while they benefit for your traffic generating efforts in exchange for a short url?

Some marketers recommend that buy what they refer to as throw away domains. Since the price of domains is low these days, in thier mind it makes sense, but to me it is absolutely ludicrous. Think about it. You'd have to buy tons of domains to promote all of the products/companies you are affiliated with.

Then they want you to create sub-domains and set up redirects and all sorts of things. In theory it sounds good, real good. But if you are like me and are trying to make money to pay your bills, or earn a little extra while still taking the kids to and from all there activities, tending to your daily chores etc., then certainly you will not have time to jump threw all these hoops. I know I dont. I want to capitalize on the moment. I want to promote and not worry about spam, viruses, setting up a redirect this, or a sub-domain that.

The best thing in the world, the thing in the world you know most about is you, right? Of course it is.
Wouldn'nt it be better to promote one url for everything you sell? Of course it would. Wouldn't it be much more beneficial to you to drive traffic to one url and continuously get higher ranking for that url? Of course it would.

So, what am I talking about?

I am talking about registering your name as the domain you want to build for your business. Your name should be your business, that should be your brand. I will talk about the how's in a second. For now, go register your domain name before someone else does, after all you are not the only one with that name. Go here to register your domain name right now, I'll wait. Now if you try to register the .com version of your name and find that it has already been registered, try another TLD (top level domain) I would deffinately register the .info version especially since it will only cost $2.99 so hurry register your domain name right now before that is gone to.

Ok, now that you have registered your name, mine is, wouldn't it sound better, make better sense, to promote yourself (your domain) and reap all the rewards? Of course it would, but what rewards am I talking about? Well for one, there is the commissions for the products your are promoting. And even better, and yes in the long run it reallt is better, your domain name will begin to climb in the rankings. Better rankings, more natural traffic. More traffic more sales, more sales more money, money more traffic, more traffic higher rankings. Whew! That was a mouth full. But yes, it is a cycle. And that is what you want.

Ok, now for the fun stuff. This is how your referral links will look, should look.

Now be honest, if you were going to buy something online which looks more appealing?

They all go to the exact same place, try it. Click on each of them as see for yourself.

Talk about taking control of your business. Do you now see what I mean by all the benefits? When you promote any affiliate program, any product you are still basically promoting one url, your own name.

So, you may be asking, how do I set this thing up? How is it that I can just promote my one url and make money from any of the products or services I affiliate with?

The way I promote is by using my own name. Forget about shortening the url. Short urls are only good if you are promoting via twitter or some other micro blogging service. The way I promote a product makes it more personal.
This is what the person/customer sees when I promote a product, Gilberto Cintron recommends WP Autoresponder.

For details Visit Viral Link Cloaker.

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